"Sometimes I’d sit in the Dog & Duck for hours and tell stories, true stories of strange happenings; quirky stories to make people laugh, but I don’t drink anymore; the pub is okay but endless Perrier gets on my nerves.

So I’ll tell my stories here from time-to-time, stories of high-mysticism and strangeness, of things and people that go “blip” over here and wind up “blop” over there. Stories of beings that walk through walls, and humans that can do the very same, and phantoms with wings, and people that dematerialize, and real cities that hover in 3-D unseen for the most part.

I’ll tell you of a wood where there is a stag over eight feet high from the ground to the center of his back. The tip of his antlers must be way over twelve feet off the ground. He can run at forty-eight miles an hour through the trees without ever hitting one....I once spent an hour with him, he told me stuff...strange stuff for this time of year." SW

Stuart Wilde

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In the Aluna Mirror-Worlds the Matrix net is very real. I used to think the ghouls built the net because they hang off it like monkeys and they clutter it and they corrupt information coming from the celestial to humans. But later Khris Krepcik told me he saw that the Matrix is in fact a natural out- cropping of the 3-D fractal codes and vectors that make up our human dimension. So maybe the ghouls did not build it after all.

Krepcik’s idea seems right as when we kill the ghouls in net its hexagonal shape does not move or change it just looks cleaner.

When there is a ghoul in one of the hexagons the five-sided space or gap looks blurry and out of focus.

To us 3-D looks like it is made up of oblong boxes hanging in the air.

When there is a ghoul in one of the hexagons the five-sided space or gap looks blurry and out of focus.

It could be that as the codes and vectors that pass through the Matrix net they form the digital fractal boxes (seen here) as a reflection/projection of that code passing through the Matrix net, much like, if you shone a torch through a fishing net onto a wall you’d see the net and its gaps reflected there.

If you can walk around the back of those cubes you will disappear into another time era and/or another place. You can appear elsewhere instantly as and when you decide to walk back into 3-D.

It depends on your feelings and your visualization so you could say blip out in Los Angles only to appear at the Brasserie Lipp on the Boulevard St. Germain, Paris, in time for lunch.

The toilets are weird but the restaurant is first class, a personal favourite! (sw)


I keep telling people “It’s all real.”

The more they evolve and learn to see the more they know I’m right. If you have never seen yourself or another person dematerialize then come to my Amsterdam gig in July. I’ll fix that for you.

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Blobs in a Bleak Area

I was driving though a very desolate area with a lady when I realized we were being followed by some beings that looked like dark blobs.

They were very clear to us, way clearer than the photo we took above.

Here below is the same pic with a dotted line so you can see the Beings better.


Never be frightened of this sort of galactic dross. I walk right into the blobs making clicking noises like these on the mp3 here and that spooks them and breaks them up. Sometimes they flee.
{sound recording at link above for pictures}

It’s the ‘no fear, no anger’ approach that threatens them as they are used to everyone being scared. Interesting day in the middle of nowhere. (sw)