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The Power to See
Stuart Wilde - January 8th, 2009

Many of the people that were close to me that studied the Redeemer's Club lessons became great visionaries. They came to see into the 26-D fractal worlds that describe the essence of our 3-D world, and they do it without mushrooms or Ayahuasca, just using trance mediations.

I reckon I'm right when I say they became some of the greatest in the world, because when I troll about the Internet to see what others are thinking and doing, the rest seems so baby-ish and simplistic without any real knowing. Sometime they come off real pompous, I cringe at the arrogance of ignorance. Great wisdom is never pompous it doesn't need to be.

I became fascinated in the process of seeing.

All the people that can really see into 26-D are very soft and kind, and none that I can remember is self-important. So softness and humility are two main attributes, and all have done Ayahuasca at some point on their journey. The DMT in Aya' is the spirit molecule that boosts the visions and gives you power to dream.*

Remembering and jotting down your dreams is vital, and a purity of spirit seems to drive the visionary process, that purity can't be faked. It has to come from selflessness, the yearning to serve God, and Gaia, and all living things. It is surrounded by the gild-edged framework of your divinity.

That luminous divinity is the key. I'm thinking of writing a little booklet on it that you guys can download-cheapo-five bucks maybe. In the end, protecting that divinity is the success or failure of your life; it measures the width of your comprehension.

We are vast... we go wide through dimension upon dimension, manimal worlds and beyond, to where we find ourselves as devils or radiant celestial beings. In the radiant setting, we are the real Om, the real Ka--eternal, beautiful beyond words, incandescent, with golden animals walking through our chest and leaves and flowers and filigree lace on our skin and pictures from the Celtic Myth in my case, symbols and crosses like an ancient armor.

Some women feel that divinity as a pulse.

It is the sensuality of Ka (the celestial male) that they feel in proximity to the glory of their Om (female). In some of the ladies I have taught, the sacred pulse creates spontaneous orgasms, that is, orgasms without any physical touch or stimulation. Those pulses go to empower the Camelot grid, helping to make the children safe. Who could have understood divinity in this way? When a spiritual female orgasms fifty times consecutively over a period of several hours with nothing to assist that process other than her divinity. That is true power, silent power, the feminine spirit made manifest.

So seeing can often be in a feeling, like the pulse I speak of.

Sometimes perception is expressed as motion. I taught the lads how to move their hands very fast, as that messes with the ghouls and breaks the ghouls' negative downloads. In that strange motion there is your divinity, if you know how to do it.

Try this: if you have a mate that is feeling low, have them sit on a chair while you move your hands around their head very fast, making clicking noises with your tongue while engaging your hands in very quick motion. Do it as fast as you feasibly can, to the point of exhaustion. You only have to render a minute or so and then stop and step away. Ask them how they are, you'll be amazed when they tell you how light and bright they suddenly feel. All the old ghoul-tubes get smashed. They are free at last, for a while anyway.

Here's a quirky one: In the Aluna, there are cactus needles on my hands and fingers, and when I point at a ghoul in the distance, the needles fire a fractal code that rubs the ghoul out. The weak ghouls die instantly, and the more leathery ones squirm and wriggle, and then they die. The needles are a gift from the divine, and so I came to see my hands as part of my divinity. So I pray into them, and I wash them, and I practice moving them quickly. And with my mind, I put the number three on the palms of my hands and the number four on the backs of my hands. So when I flick my two hands front-to-back, I can flash the numbers 33-44 at someone very quickly. Of course, thirty-three is the initiate and forty-four is the Christ Consciousness.

I see your divinity as your luminosity, and it is also the light of who you are. So it could be your music, or your natural power, or your humility. It could be the tone your body gives off as you walk about, its sound. It could be the grace you exhibit in difficult circumstances, when in pain say. It could be a factor of your generosity...many things. Protect it.

I failed in this aspect in the past. I let so many people get close, and then they'd trash me, or rip me off for large sums, or take wages for work never done. Or they would make ups stories about me, strange stuff only madness can invent. Then one day, I woke up, and I changed my ways, not much, but a bit. It all changed, when I decided to protect my luminosity. Not to put too great a spin on it, but to say each of us is a luminous being. People try to eat that light, because they are in the dark.

You don't have to give it away; especially not to people that don't deserve it.

All the best,
Stuart Wilde

*I'm starting a Stuart Wilde blog (Stuart Wilde Official Blog - Stuart Wilde Blog) ready January 15th onwards, and so I'm going to ask the main visionaries that I have taught over the years to post some of their newest visions a couple of times a week. It should be very interesting-you will learn a lot, I promise, these people are most extraordinary.

** By the way: I was so happy that some of the A list people wrote in for the entire Redeemer's Club package of lesson and articles. It is large body of work around one and a half million words, twenty-six lessons and eight audios CDs.

It is the essential code to the celestial doorway, how we know that is that a great number of people have used it to get there. If you missed the notice last time, the package is $333.33 and you write for info on it to

The package is due to start going out mid-January.

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