Golden Bones: Meditation into the Body

Lie down so your body is relaxed and comfortable. (Do this at a time when you will not be tempted to fall asleep.) Send your awareness to your hip and shoulder joints, focusing on relaxing and loosening the muscles and connective tissues.

Imagine a golden light filling these joints, permeating your muscles and settling deep into the bones. Imagine this light penetrating into the marrow of your bones, radiating from the hip and shoulder joints into all the bones and cartilage in your body. Move the light all the way down to your fingers and your toes, infusing every bone with golden light.

When you can visualize your bones glowing with this light, then move the light up each vertebra, beginning at the tailbone. Ask the light to help you open and free the spine and the neck. Then fill your head with this golden, healing light.

Once you have completed igniting each bone in your body with golden light, begin to visualize a beautiful deep red color flowing through your muscles and organs. This color will vitalize your blood and increase energy. Invite it to help you clear away any old emotions or resistance to change and healing.

Do this meditation once a week for a month. Use the golden light whenever you feel a block or ache or tightening in your physical structure, and the red energy whenever you feel sluggish or withdrawn.

Golden Bones: Meditation into the Body | Toltec Center of Creative Intent