Prepare for the Era of Explosive History


History shifted into the Aquarian Age of change in 2008. Year three approaches. Let's be clear, this new Aquarian Age has long been viewed in the misty mirror falsely. Anticipated by New Age cults for the last quarter century our new millennium got framed in an airy, spiritually fairy Piscean Age projection. The Aquarian Age is a time of revolution, a time exposing social hypocrisy and throwing it down either by mass vote or rebellion.

The era of explosive history advances our way. Prepare for a bumpy ride of surprises and excitement called the 12 months of 2010. If this book was a tarot reading, John Hogue is pulling a wild card year from the subjective deck of prophecy. Nice revelations await. Wild or wise, sudden and frightening or enlightening twists of fate, John Hogue frames the coming year as a time when lofty rhetoric must metamorphose into actions heroic. Relentless destiny rushes upon us so soon that even a new US president must now find his grove of greatness.

In 2010, none of us can have our past and our future too. See how all will now need to capture elusive understanding of how the past and adherence to status quo thinking betrays the very change Barack Obama talks so much about.

Glimpse What's Coming: