Web Bot: 5 scenarios, 2nd half 2010 to 1.3 billion deaths

May 29, 2010

Translated from Dutch:

Also from the latest report shows that the Web Bot is still doom and gloom in the near future.
After recently as frapant properly released Web Bot predictions of a volcanic eruption, resulting disruption of international traffic, it might again be interesting to see what Clif High this time for conclusions from the enormous flow of data software program recently weather spit. It will surprise few that now the expectations for the future not very exciting. 2010 so it seems to many as 1.3 billion people-their last terrible year to be.

In the edition of 'The Shape of Things to Come "begins on May 25 Clif subscribers are serious warning. "This forecast is real. Still, someone an idiot for making those decisions based solely on their interpretation of my interpretation of strange data patterns. The universe rewards thought. Everyone would have to try it at least once. Now would be a good time. "

Both the warning and the advice found quickly decided not too as Clif frankly admits that he was wrong in his earlier assumption that the 'oil volcano "at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the result would have been a fault of Israel (!) . "Another reason that #&^(*&@!! monkeys!" Excuses Clif its Web Bot "baby" joke. Nevertheless, these and earlier analysis that he Israel (/ Zionism) pretty much blaming of all current and future misery in the world. Indeed, Clif, well said: monkey mind. Of course you Israel (/ 'the Zionists') will soon be as concerned as the culprit in the Antarctic penguins have caught cold.
Clif is that the excuse of a previous Web Bot forecast pointed to an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, which is an 'oil volcano "in the Persian Golf would erupt. Anyway, this attack by Israel on Iran would remain on the program, though not outlined in any future scenario for.
Besides the fact that Clif High's own anti-Zionist sentiments do not hide the cross itself is the Web Bot course the main reason of insinuating that Israel is behind all the evil in the world should be. The program finally spit the entire global Internet to access certain similar patterns, and since the digital world increasingly swamped by Islamic-fascist anti-Israel propaganda, it is not surprising that the 'monkey mind' (lit. monkey mind) is picked up.

The 'critical period' begins this year on July 11, curiously the same day according to David Flynn in 2009 as predicted in the Bible (Grand) Tribulation could begin. July 11 marks a point where a part of is already building tension will drain, and that new tension built up will be, which will eventually culminate in've already been mentioned (four days long) frightening tipping point that starts on November 8 and will continue until the end of January 2011, "... just in time for the first part of the world revolution."
Volcanic Oil Gulf of Mexico, Central / Global Depression
The next six years, the oil spill in the central Gulf of Mexico. It is not expected to succeed the hole in the ocean floor gap. The damage to the U.S. coast will be so large (pollution, poisoning rivers and drinking water), that there is a huge migration (Diaspora) gets going. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people have moved, where possible, the army will be deployed.
The enormous economic damage of the oil spill will grace blow to the financial and currency markets. There will again be signs of the coming death of the dollar. " 'Doom-mongers, "as Gerald Celent and Marc Faber in the summer will be right as final will prove that the EU intervention fund of $ 1 trillion had no effect. The euro and other currencies perish. A deadly combination of deflation and cost / price hyperinflation of food and energy pay the entire planet into a deep economic depression that caused massive unemployment, which political parties will have to adjust their plans significantly.
The middle class will suddenly faced with poverty, social disruption that this causes will result in both Europe and North America, bloody and violent riots. In Europe, created a genuine popular movement against the EU. There followed mass demonstrations in 'Brussels' institutions and calls for the European Union to lift will ever louder.

Volcanic eruptions, ocean life, death and weather extremes
The climate and weather extremes on the planet are increasing. One possible severe storm or earthquake, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico sharply increase and the incompetence of the U.S. government will come clearly to light. The protests here against his will at the beginning of a true revolution in America. The citizens will turn against the established order, politicians, elitist, banking and business men will stop being attacked and murdered, or a 'show trial' and then allowed to be publicly executed.

The oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico, a large portion of, if not all the oceans on Earth poison with devastating consequences for fisheries. The marine life will die en masse, making the fishing world with over two thirds (68%) will collapse. By the disintegration of the food chain in oceans around the world will be famines occur, which will be exacerbated by the economic collapse and by increasing radiation from space and from the sun, and harvesting will be damaged or completely destroyed.

The upper part of the northern hemisphere will face new volcanic eruptions, not only in Iceland but also in Siberia and in the area of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. This will greatly affect the weather in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. The atmosphere will be poisoned by the huge amounts of volcanic ash and brings people only with masks on the street can, and the movement of people and goods partly to come to an end. Submarine volcanoes are both massive flooding of coastal areas such as the rise of 'new land' concerns.
The global eruption of volcanoes and a further increasing number of earthquakes pose considerable tensions in the crust. All parts of mountains and valleys will collapse under water to stand. The result will be that 1 / 5 of world food production will be lost, as the previously mentioned famine worse. To make matters worse, the extreme summer weather in Europe among others followed by an incredibly cold, "Ice Age" winter-like.

The radiation from the Sun and the near space will be during the World Cup in South Africa for spectacular effects in the sky care through the TV visible to the world. However, the same radiation allows for the failure of several communications and GPS satellites, causing the entire planet navivatieproblemen arise. A combination of radiation and volcanic ash provides several aircraft accidents, both civil and military aircraft with. The Web Bot picked up a 'gas attack' from the immediate area, probably caused by volcanic ash to their very high in the air dams, making it thousands of miles will be carried, then the other side of the world to descend and there major (health) problems to worry.
Data from the monkey mind of the Web Bot (by Clif own words a "very unreliable being, even under the best possible conditions, which are clearly not the case") are based on the unmasking of the lies (late June / early July) that a economic recovery and on July 11 following start of the worldwide depression and the collapse of many social and medical services, the five most likely scenarios for the second half of 2010 composed of:
Scenario 1
The financial 'derivatives' bubble explodes, with a global stock and currency crash as a result. Riots in Europe and the Eastern bloc, violence against EU institutions, calls for lifting Eurozone. U.S. sees itself confronted with a 'sudden' imminent bankruptcy. The government has no money for staff, facilities, etc.. Also riots in America, in anticipation of a civil war. Militia murder hundreds of members of the political and financial elite. The volcano continues to spew oil in March 2012 and will be closed by an earthquake. The civil war in the U.S. is spreading across the planet. Deaths: 1.289 billion.
Scenario 2
July 11 is about Israel and Iran to target huge damage there. By attacks against Israel will be destroyed. Obama does Israel not to help, partly by internal pressure, partly by threats from Russia and China. Global Humanitarian crisis radioactive cloud over much of the world will go. Obama, the 'Zionists' debt. Pogroms against the alleged "Zionists" and publicly executions of them. By the Israeli attack and the oil volcano are 1.289 billion people die.
Scenario 3
The continuing death of the dollar and the collapse of all world currencies, losing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a massive environmental disaster by the oil volcano that threatens to poison the oceans. Despite strong international protests, the government decides Obama to the hole in the seabed with nuclear explosions gap. Following this decision millions of Americans fleeing the South East of the country, which is a huge social chaos will result. The nuclear explosions cause:
- Either global earthquakes and shifting of continents. The Gulf, the entire Caribbean and the eastern Atlantic Ocean are unlivable. Nevertheless, there arises an unprecedented global celebration, because the operation will succeed. Nevertheless, concerns the oil spill, the series nuclear explosions, the chaos of the Diaspora and the global collapse of social structures for 1.289 billion deaths.
- Either a big failure, so the oil will be stopped volcano. The pollution of ocean and atmosphere will be far worse. By the collapse of the global structure of people focus their anger on mainly the bankers, politicians and business men stop. Besides the aforementioned 1.289 billion victims billions more will die by the collapse of civilization.
- Either a rupture of the ocean floor, making the whole Earth literally shaken to its foundations and will be "every mountain and island will be torn from its place" (Biblical quote, X.). 5.7 billion (!) People leave this life.
Scenario 4
If the first scenario, but the war around November 8 is an alien war, a war with aliens as a result of a violent "first contact" with them. Millions of people will this take flight, also with the total social collapse as a result. 1.289 billion deaths around the planet.
Scenario 5
None of the above, though the dollar and the euro continues to fall, a combination of deflation and hyperinflation of the world in a landfill and depression will continue to have devastating oil volcano, still with 1.289 billion deaths. Big difference with the first four scenarios: the "universe" will do something totally unexpected, as the world completely by surprise. But what?
In that respect, for Christians perhaps interesting to note that Clif High in bold letters write the following: "Early in July there is a very important, big change from the 'state of being (Literally: transition or state of being), which extended the period of 3 to 4 months, which will begin in the summer in future history books. He will probably mean very different, but his words, many Christians are reminiscent of the 'Record' of the Church, which is still widely expected, now somewhere in the second half of 2010. Will that perhaps the "big surprise" of the fifth scenario that "the universe" for the planet has in store? Or will the end of this year show that the alarming predictions of the Web-Bot as for the year 2009 - so bad afterwards? We will soon be experiencing.
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