This is a list of some of the many prophecies of the LORD as were prophesied by His Prophet and fulfilled more or less accurately. This prophetic acceleration means that time is over, the Messiah is coming.

1. Asian Tsunami prophesied on 24th November 2004 was fulfilled on 26th December 2004

2. Hurricane Katrina prophesied on 20th July 2005 was fulfilled on 29th August 2005

3.Iceland volcanic eruption prophesied in March 2004 was fulfilled in April 2010

4. Iran and Russia earthquake prophesied on 26th March 2006 was fulfilled on 31st March 2006

5. The Great North Quake prophesied on 20th March 2010 was fulfilled on 5th April 2010

6. Chile earthquake prophesied on 24th January 2009 was fulfilled on 27th February 2010

7. Haiti earthquake prophesied on 28th November 2009 was fulfilled on 12th January 2010

8. New zealand earthquake prophesied on 4th August 2010 was fulfilled on 3rd September 2010

9. China earthquake prophesied on 10th October 2009 was fulfilled on 4th April 2010

10. Samoan earthquake prophesied on 1st August 2009 was fulfilled on 29th September 2009

11. The global economic crisis prophesied on 24th August 2008 was fulfilled on 7th October 2008 when all the major financial markets crashed

12. Korean cross-border shootout prophesied on 9th October 2010 was fulfilled on 29th October 2010

13. Kenya post-election violence prophesied on 12th February 2006 was fulfilled in January 2008

14. Malawi earthquake prophesied on 29th November 2009 was fulfilled on 6th December 2009

15. Afghanistan/Pakistan earthquakes prophesied on 22nd October 2005 was fulfilled on 24th October 2005!