"S y n o p s i s
We continue our discussion with another chapter of a fascinating view of meanings in a sacred history long, and wrongly suppressed. John Lash brings back his historical and anthropological erudition. We discussed how the indigenous people of America have been conquered converted into Christianity against their will. But let's not forget what beliefs they had before. Beliefs that put honor first. Many wonder how the indigenous people from Europe and America were so easily converted. They were the victims of false promises, and since they could not understand how other human beings lacked honor, they believed. People should not do harm because they will face punishment by a god but because doing harm is dishonorable. According to John Lash, on March 18, 2011 Gaia/Sophia/Earth got out of course and issued an S.O.S. to the center of the galaxy. Some say that we need to let others wake up. John Lash has no patience for inaction and believes he carries an enormous responsibility of knowledge that he wishes to disseminate as widely as possible."