Do not know what the mysterious giant spiral is

(AP) Neither the meteorologists, astronomers, professionals in Sweden, the Armed Forces in Norway or the Russian embassy idea what the mysterious light is.

Norwegian Meteorological Institute has received calls from people who have seen the mysterious giant spiral from Trøndelag to Finnmark.

People from Finnmark in the far north to south in Trøndelag call and say they have seen the light, "said Mona Mariann Lie at the meteorological department to VG Nett.

A large ring arrived. Then spread it out. It sent a green beam down to earth, "says Morten Kristiansen who saw light phenomena from Ånstad in Sortland in Nordland.

Jan Petter Jørgensen has taken spectacular images of the phenomenon.

At Alta. Foto: Leserbilde Photo: Reading the Image
The pictures are taken on the steamship pier to the east, approximately at 07.50. I can imagine that it went on for two, three minutes. It was unbelievable. I was quite shaken when I saw it, he says to VG Nett.

The light came into view just before eight o'clock Wednesday morning, and lasted for several minutes. Several took pictures and filmed the phenomenon, but so far no one can answer what the light was and where it came from.

Meteorologists say to VG Nett that they have never seen anything like it before.

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Reject research rocket

Liv Larsen, Department of Physics and Technology, University of Tromsø says to VG Nett that there may be a research rocket from Sweden or Russia.

We suspect that there may be a research rocket.This indicates that gas is scattered in the atmosphere. But we know nothing.

Anna Rathsman by Swedish Space Coorparation in Kiruna denies that there can be a rocket from their center.

We have not launched rocket-page 29 November this year, says Rathsman to VG Nett.

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Presseattache Vladimir Isupov at the Russian Embassy in Oslo says to VG Nett that they do not sit with any information that might explain lysfenomenet in northern Norway.

VG Nett has been in contact with Andøya Rocket Range who said that there have been no launches on Wednesday morning.

MYSTICAL: So far, nobody has a clear answer on what it can be. The picture is taken from Ånstad in Sortland in Nordland. Photo: Morten Kristiansen Bjørkmo

Defense checks

Lieutenant Colonel John Espen Lien of Defense operational headquarters says to VG Nett that they do not know what the mysterious lysfenomenet is.

-For us match it with the activity we've been reporting about.But we can not yet connect it to something we have an overview of, "he says.

For about a week ago, it was seen a similar light from Hammerfest. At the time, showed the light itself is likely to be the Russian Navy's test of a so-called ballistic missile in the Barents Sea.

We will routinely check whether this may have with activity from further east to do. But so far we have no indications that it is, "said Lien to VG Nett.

It spun and exploded in the sky, "said Totto Eriksen from Tromsø.

He and his daughter Amalie Nyborg (16) were on their way to work and school when the sky suddenly exploded.

People stopped on the pier. Det var helt sykt, sier Eriksen. It was absolutely sick, "says Eriksen.

Beautiful and terrifying

Meteorologists in Tromsø do not know what caused the light.

We have no idea what it is.I dare not guess either, but it has apparently been very spectacular, "said Trond Robertsen, duty meteorology consultant at the department in Tromsø.

People describe lysbevegelsen as violent, stunningly beautiful and somewhat frightening. They describe it as New Year's rocket that looks like a spinning spiral, "said Robertsen to VG Nett.

Røed Ødegaard called

As with the meteorological department experienced celebrity astronomer Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard personal best in nedringing Wednesday morning.

Nor did he know what this is, and says he has never heard of anything like this.

This is seen over an exceptionally large part of the country, in all of North Norway and the Trøndelag. My first thought was that it was a fireball meteor, but it has lasted far too long that it may have been there. It may have been a missile in Russia, but I can not guarantee that it is the answer, says Ødegaard told VG Nett.

He has been in contact with the Air traffic control tower in Tromsø.

They said it was seen in over two minutes.It is far too long that it can be an astronomical phenomenon. Fire phenomena are not unusual, but it's spiral shape is unique. This is definitely not a variation of the aurora, "he says.