The word ‘vulture’ in the title of this post has nothing to do with Luke O’Farrell’s article titled Vulture Culture, published on the ‘Fool Day’ 2007. In that article he had a picture of vulture with the tag: “Haven’t we met him somewhere before?”. As far as Zionist vultures hovering over Pakistan (the only Muslim nuclear power) is concerned, I have already written about it over six months ago.

In fact this post is about the rare Israeli griffon vulture, which was carrying a GPS transmitter and was captured by Saudi intelligence (trained by CIA and MI6). Saudis had claimed that the vulture was a Israeli Mossad spy. They’re shocked that why would Mossad play such a dirty trick against its harmless neighboring country which even offered its air space in case Israel airforce want to attack the Islamic Republic.

The vulture was found in the Saudi desert carrying a tag bearing the words, Tel Aviv University, located in Israel’s No.2 tourist attraction with 280 Jewish brothels.

On January 6, 2011 – One Israeli Jewish ‘bird expert’ has asked Saudi Arabia to release the rare breed of vulture along with its transmitter carrying great scientific information which could revolutionize the espionage industry.

Interestingly, it is not the first Israeli anti-neighborly scientific incident. Last month the governor of Egypt’s South Sinai region said he was not ruling out the possibility that Mossad may have been responsible for releasing a killer shark in the Red Sea off the resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, resulting in the death of one tourist.

As some professional Israeli propagandist wrote in Canadian daily, The Toronto Star, a few days ago that the paranoid Arabs have the tendency to blame Israel for every major crime, such as assassination of President John F. Kennedy, attack on USS Libert, Sept. 11, London 7/7, Madrid bombing and the list goes on and on.