“In case no one has noticed, the Obama administration just gifted Lebanon to Iran. Washington earlier presented Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf and Pakistan. Could it be more clear that Iran’s strategic trump card is America’s subservience to Israel? For Iran, Israel’s strangle hold on the US government is the gift that keeps on giving,” said pro-Hariri Lebanese Human Rights Ambassador Ali Khalil

The US-French-Saudi puppet, Lebanese Prime Minister, Sa’ad Hariri, has been dumped by the Opposition led by Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, whom Benji Netanyahu had called Real Lebanese Army. Saad Hariri, who returned after ‘consultations’ with his foreign ZOG sponsors Ben-Obama and Ben-Sarkozy, is now waiting for Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman to nominate a new Prime Minister on Monday.

The Hizbullah led Opposition has majority in the 128-seat Parliament and is in a position to name a Sunni candidate of its own choice. The leader of the Opposition parliamentarian block, MP Mohammad Raad has already announced that the opposition will name “a personality with a history of national resistance to head the new government.” Some insiders believe that Hezbollah might propose the longtime pro-Syrian Sunni nationalist leader and former caretaker Prime Minister Omar Abdul Hamid Karami ( brother of slained Prime Minister Rachid Karami).

However, there are still hope that if Sa’ad Hariri decide to accept the Opposition demands; dump US-sponsored Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) and instead appoint a Lebanese inquiry commission to investgate the real culprits behind the assassination of his father, Rafik Hariri, in 2005 bombing.

During his speech on the 10th of Muharam, the Secretary-General of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had blamed the US, Israel and other anti-Lebanese forces for exploiting the tragic death of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri for their political agenda against the people of Lebanon.

Franklin Lamb PhD, in his latest article, title What is Next in Lebanon, wrote:

Whatever it decides to do, Hezbollah may well take its time as its ponders major responsibilities that would envelop the resistance movement should it decide to govern Lebanon. Some of its supporters are urging Hezbollah to accept the daunting challenge and implement its 2009 Manifesto and its recent election platforms and end the mafia-like corruption among some Lebanon’s political leaders. Several Lebanese civil society NGO’s are urging Hezbollah to do more for Lebanon’s increasingly fragile environment, fix once and for all Lebanon’s serious water, electricity and infrastructure problems, and let the Lebanese public decide if Hezbollah is true to their cause and warrants its future electoral support.

Others continue to also lobby the party to immediately end Lebanon’s and the Arabs’ shame and grant Palestinian refugees the internationally mandated basic civil rights to work and to own a home. If Hezbollah heads the government, Palestinian prospects for achieving these elementary rights will look a lot brighter.

Under the French colonialists’ authored Lebanese Constitution; the President must be a Christian, Prime minister, a Sunni Muslim and the Speaker of the Parliament, a Shia Muslim. On the other hand, all Chiefs of the Lebanon Army ‘happend’ to be Christians.

Hizbullah, in a statement, has called upon the Arab puppet leaders to learn a lesson from the ‘Colorless Revolution’ in Tunisia. “The first lesson should be ending the relations of the leaders with the hegemony forces that do not recognize allies and friends,” the statement said. Tunisian Presiden Ben Ali has fled to Saudi Arabia and the Parliament Speaker Fouad Mebazza has become the new caretaker President. Ironically, the two countries which kept Ben Ali in power for 23 year – the US and France, now are calling for “free elections” in the country (to bring another anti-Islam poodle in power).

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