Zionist entity’s Opposition Leader and former Foreign Minister during the Jewish Army’s ’Operation Cast Lead (Dec.2008-Jan.2009) against 1.5 million native Muslims and Christians traped inside tiny Gaza Strip – is expected to visit South Africa on the invitation of the Jewish Board of Deputies next week.

South African Media Review Network (MRN) in association with the Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA) has lodged a formal request to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) seeking arrest warrants and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes against humanity.

Tzipi Livni and several other top Israeli government officials and military leaders are wanted for war crimes in Britain, Turkey and Spain. However, the British ZOG caved in later and Livni visited Britain last year after London assured her that being a Jewish leader, she is above the law (the draft for changes to the war crime arrest panel code was authored by Jack Straw of Jewish ancestry).

South Africa has very powerful Zionist Lobby. In April 2010, the South African Zionist Federation reportedly threatened demonstrations outside the Sandton Synagogue if South African judge Richard Goldstone showed up at his grandson’s bar mitzvah. Given the volatile political context, that was tantamount to banning the grandfather from the ceremony. No less an authority than Rabbi Moshe Kurtstag, head of the local rabbinic court, endorsed the idea that Goldstone should simply stay away, calling it “quite a sensible thing to avert all this unpleasantness.

Livni’s (born 1958) supporters came up the usual stupid excuses of her family sufferings and her change of heart from a radical Jew to a supporter of the so-called two-state solution. In fact her parents were not the so-called ‘Holocaust survivors from Poland. Her father Eilan Livni was the chief operations officer of the Jewish terrorist militia Irgun. Livni, herself have served as an officer of Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

“Our decision is based on the fact that SA is a signatory to the Rome statutes, which obligates all member states to honor their responsibility in the prosecution of war criminals,” said Iqbal Jassat of MRN.

Jewish Board of Deputies chairman Zev Krengel said the board saw no reason why the MRN’s actions should thwart or hamper Livni’s visit and confirmed that it would go ahead. “It’s pure intimidation tactics by people who do not want to see a solution to the situation in the Middle East (on Zionist-regime’s terms of course!),” he added.

Tzipi Livni fears arrest in South Africa | Rehmat's World