“Hezbollah are the true heroes of the Middle East. Not because of their might, but because of their compassion. They are the only ones who felt compassion with the plight of Palestinians. They did not remain indifferent observers at the Rape of Gaza – they tried to stop the violator with their modest means, like England protested the German conquest of Poland. Compassion and solidarity are more important than sovereignty,” Israel Shamir, counterpunch, July 29, 2006.

The leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in his Sunday speech, aired by the Al-Manar TV, has rest to peace the rumours that Hizbullah led Opposition may agree to share power with the USraeli puppet, the former Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri: “Opposition will not name Hariri. New stage has begun…. The new government must act responsibly because we will not tolerate a government which protects false witnesses (bribed by the US-Israel-France trio to criminalize Hizbullah through US-sponsored STL for the murder of Sa’ad’s father Rafik Hariri carried out by Israeli MOSSAD).

Sheikh Nasrallah said that Hizbullah led Opposition cabinet ministers (10) had bargained with Hariri’s ruling party’s cabinet members to stay in the Unity government if Hariri’s government take the following measures:

1. Hariri withdraw Lebanese judges from Special Tribunal on Lebanon (STL),

2. Hariri stop funding STL, and

3. Cancel the understanding memo between the previous Lebanese government and the UN which was done without the consent of the Parliament.

Sa’ad Hariri had agreed to those Opposition demands but then King of Saudi Arabia went to the US for medical treatment – Sa’ad Hariri rushed to Washington for consultations with the first US Jewish President Barack Obama. After the meeting Hariri backed down from the agreement.

Sheikh Nasrallah warned the US-Israel-France and their Middle Eastern collaborators to learn from their 2006 defeat and currently what is happening in Tunisia.

“No one should threaten us. We don’t ask for the protection for the Resistance, we ask the government not to conspire against it. We will not stay silent at any such government because it is our obligation to preserve Lebanon’s assets in the face of Israeli threats”.

The Israeli journalist, Uri Avnery, too had a warning for the trigger-happy Zionazis: “Lebanon War III, if it breaks out – God forbid! – threatens untold destruction on both sides. Lebanon War II will look, in comparison, like a picnic. This time, all Israeli towns and villages will be within range of Hezbollah’s rockets. During the big Carmel fire, a few weeks ago, it became clear that nothing has been prepared for the defense of the rear, besides an impressive arsenal of speeches and declarations”.

Nasrallh: ‘No alliance with foreign puppets’ | Rehmat calling