On January 21, 2011, leader of the Druze sect, Walid Jumblatt announced his support for Hizbullah-led Opposition’s choice for the next Prime Minister of Lebanon. Walid’s Druze Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) holds 11 seats in the 128-seat parliament. The pro-USrael Hariri block has 60-seats and Hizbullah-led Opposition 57. In the collapsed Unity government, Walid block supported the former Prime minister Sa’ad Hariri.

Once one of the most ardent supporters of the US-supported Special Tribunal on Lebanon, Jumblatt on Friday launched a scathing attack on the STL, saying it poses a “threat to national unity and national security.”

Since Walid Jumblatt’s support assures the victory for Hizbullah candidate – Washington is trying to blackmail Lebanese lawmakers by threatening that if Hizbullah’s candidate becomes the next Prime Minister of the country – it will stop it military aid to Lebanon. The reality is that US$100 million military aid for the year 2010 was put on hold since July 2010, thanks to the Zionist Jew Howard Berman, the Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. To Jewish Lobby’s embarrassment, the Islamic Republic, made the offer to compensate for that loss the very next day. Humiliated, Howard Berman announced the release of US$100 million military aid out of total annual USAID of $246 million to Lebanon. The Zionist entity receives an annual military USAID of $3 billion plus other aid-packages totalling over $6 billion.

Hezbollah is expected to nominate former Prime Minister Omar Karami. Under Lebanon’s Paris-made confessional system, Prime Ministers must be Sunni Muslim, Presidents Maronite Christian, and Parliamentary Speakers Shia Muslim.

So what is stored for Lebanese in the coming months?

1. The Israel-occupied administration in Washington is expected to advise Hariri to avoid having dialogue with the Opposition bloc and in the meantime – try to bribe some members of Jumblatt’s bloc with cash and Israel’s famous honey-pots - to split from the Jumblatt bloc to support Hariri’s re-election.

2. Hizbullah will never accept a US-Israel-French poodle Prime Minister.

3. Anti-Hizbullah Arab regimes in Riyadh, Cairo and Amman will help the US-Israel-French trio to start the second ‘Cedar Revolution’ by bringing Sunnis and Christian mob into streets. The now that like in the past, Hizbullah will prefer to distance from the street protest.

4. If act #3 fails – the possible STL verdict against some members of Hizbullah and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei – would provide the so-called “legal” excuse for the ‘Israel-First’ American lawmakers to force Ben-Obama to help Israel in invading Lebanon and making sure that the Jewish army doen’t face its third military defeat at the hands of Hizbullah fighters.

Obama blackmails Lebanon for Israel | Rehmat's World