Former British Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP), Baroness Jenny Tonge says that Palestinian people consider Islamic Resistance Hamas as the only organization in the occupied territiries in which they could have confidence.

“It is necessary for the international community to include Hamas in the Middle East peace process, as it is the only trusted faction in the occupied territories in which the Palestinian could rely upon. The longer Hamas is being kept out from the talks, the more difficult will become the situation in the Gaza Strip, and this is probably what the Israeli regime wants to use it as a pretext to launch a new war on Gaza”, Baroness Tonge told IRNA in an exclusive interview in London.

Israel, the US and the Israeli agents controllong the EU countries – love to project their double agent, Mahmoud Abbas, as the ‘elected’ representative of Palestinian people. In fact, Mahmoud Abbas’ mandate as the President of Palestinian Authority (PA) had expired in January 2009 – and since then he has been controlling that title by a ‘decree’. He refuses to call a new election fearing that Hamas will win it once agains.

Baroness Jenny Tonge has been a critic of Israel’s Zionazi activites for a long time (Watch her speech in the House of Lord below). In February 2010 – her call for an investigation into Israeli medical team allegations that its medical teams in Haiti harvested organs of earthquake victims for use in transplants. For making such ‘political wrong statement’, the ‘British Friends of Israel’ lobby goons called Jenny Tonge an ‘anti-Semite’. As result, the party leader Nick Cleggy removed Lady Tonge as a Lib Dem health spokeswoman in the Lords, describing her remarks as ”wrong, distasteful and provocative”.

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