Road to al-Quds passes through Cairo, Baghdad and Riyadh
The Leader of Islamic Revolution (1979), Imam Khomeini is quoted as saying that road to Jerusalem passes through Cairo, Baghadad and Riyadh. What he meant was that Muslims cannot recover their third most sacred city of Al-Quds without getting rid of the pro-USraeli regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq, which are maintained there by the West as Israel’s ‘first line of defense’ against the Islamic forces. To the great fear of Israel and its puppet regimes in the West – Iraq, though, occupied to block that road to Jerusalem – has been reopened by the Nuri al-Maliki government in Baghdad. Egyptians protesters are currently removing the roadblocks too. If an anti-Israel regime get established in Cairo – similar anti-government mass protests will spread to Saudi Arabia and Syria. The governments in both Lebanon and Gaza Strip are already pro-Iranian.

Among the many slogans carrie by the Iranian protesters against US-Israel puppet regime of King Reza Shah, one was:

Our enemy is imperialism, capitalism and feudalism!

Islam belongs to the oppressed, not the oppressors!

Oppressed of the world unite!

Islam is not the opiate of the people!

Islam is for equality and social justice!

Islam represents the slum dwellers, not the palace dwellers!

Islam will eliminate class differences!

Islam comes from the masses, not the rich!

Islam will eliminate landlessness!

We are for Islam, not for capitalism and feudalism!

Islam will free the hungry from the clutches of the rich!

The poor fought for the Prophet, the rich fought against him!

The poor die for the revolution, the rich plot against it!

Independence, freedom, Islamic Republic!

By following those Islamic revolutionary principles, despite three-decade of western sanctions, Islamic Republic has become not only a regional power but a light to the free world. Fearing its growing influence around the world especially in South America – both the so-called ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ groups are blaming Washington’s support for the corrupt kings and dictators in the Muslim world. None of these ‘self-denials’ want to accept the fact that America’s foreign policy in the Muslim world has always been controlled by the Jewish Lobby under different names. The Republican, Democrat and the Tea Party – are all dominated by the pro-Israel anti-Muslim facists.

American leaders never felt ashamed to admit that “invasion of Iraq was good for Israel” or “We support Hosni Mubarak because he created stablity in the region which is good for Israel”. Even those who happen to criticize Israel, such as former US president Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, Patrick J. Buchanan, Congressman Ron Paul and his son Senator Rand Paul, Maurice Hinchey, Congressman Keith Ellison, Glenn Beck, Rick Sanchez, etc. are in fact all support the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine.

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