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Thread: The Jewish Taliban

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    The Jewish Taliban

    Oded Orbach 52, an Israeli-born American Jewish citizen, was arrested in Bucharest (Romania) on February 10, 2011. He is charged with conspiracy to provide material support and resources to Taliban, as well conspiracy to acquire and transfer anti-aircraft missiles. He faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted. He is being held in Romania and is awaiting extradition to the US.

    Oded Orbach’s other six partners-in-crime included Alwar Pouryan 36 (US), Maroun Saade 58 (Lebanese), Walid Nasr 37 (Lebanese), Corneille Dato 48 (Benin), Martin Raouf Bouraima 40 (Benin), and Francis Sourou Ahissou 45 (Togolese).

    According to the apologetic Jewish media - the ‘nice Jewish neighbor’ was ‘lured’ to Romania by an undercover agent to ink a deal for selling M16 rifles ($175 a unit), long-range sniper rifles (from $13,480 to $16,750 a unit) and Stinger missile ($49,000 a piece). I wonder whether those arms were for Taliban to fight the US-Nato occupation force or CIA-Mossad-RAW to carry-out terrorist activities in Pakistan and Iran.

    Adam Pearlman, the Crypto-Jew, became famous when he joined Osama Bin Laden and acted as the spokesman for the phony Al-Qaeda. Adam’s grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was on the Board of Directors for Israeli lobby group, Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Then there is Morroco-born US-Israeli citizen, Joseph Leonard Cohen (Yusuf al-Khatab), who converted to Islam in 2002. He received the the title of ‘Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening (S.H.I.T) Jew for his pro-Palestinian rants.

    In November 2010 – Nofrat Frenkel, a Jewish Israeli woman, (and a fourth year medical student) was arrested in Jerusalem for the crime of trying to pray with a Torah and for wearing a prayer shawl like the Afghan women at the Wailing Wall.

    Interestingly, an Israeli-born Jew, Rose Cohen, from Sydney (Australia), who believes that Osama Bin Laden was Jewish too – because his mother had Jewish roots. Israel’s second President, Itzahk Ben-Zvi, in his book ‘The Exiled and Redeemed’ (1957) – had claimed that some tribes of Pakhtun (Taliban) are descends from the ancient Israeli tribe of Ephraim (Afridi). The Pakhtun, who live in eastern and southern Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, had arrived there as early as 2700 BCE. That would make Taliban leader Mullah Omar, a Jewish Rabbi!!

    “When it gets down to just the American Jewish community as the only ones ready to go out and fight Israel’s battles, that is very dangerous for Israel and for the role of American Jews in American society,” wrote Israel Samuel Lewis, former US Ambassador to Israel in March 21, 1992.

    The Jewish Taliban | Rehmat's World

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    Re: The Jewish Taliban

    Money, love and greed will cause a lot of people to defect, do you not think there are not any Islamic Jews???

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    Re: The Jewish Taliban

    There could be a number of Islamic Jews when you are considering Jews by heritage. But obviously there should be no Islamic Jews when it comes to the Jewish faith.

    I wonder what the attraction of the Islamic faith is.

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