Remember the knee-jek reaction of the Zionist regime and its puppet leaders in the West during the last days of ouster of former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. They tried to scared the hell out of the western public by project another Iranian-style Islamic state emerging out of the ashes of the Egyptian anti-government mass protests. They were told that since Muslim Brotherhood, though banned since 1940s, is the oldest and most organized Islamist political (it joined politic only in the 1980s) organization – therefore, if democratic elections are held in Egypt – Muslim Brotherhood will either form the new government or become a ‘king-maker’, like Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Well, according to Jewish professor Stephen Zunes (University of San Francisco) – Muslim Brotherhood has backing of only 25% of Egyptian population and though it “would likely win scores of seats in the 454-member lower house and could even conceivably be a junior partner in a coalition government. But its political orientation would not be much different from the legal conservative Muslim-identified parties currently in the Jordanian and Moroccan parliaments or even the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey“.

Stephen Zunes writing for Jewish Tikkun magazine says that Mubarak’s ouster is Good for Egypt, Good for Israel. Stephen says that it’s Egyptian Islamist-minority which doesn’t accept the existence of Israel and the Camp David – but since the great majority of Egyptians are secularists (both Muslims and Christians), they posses no threat to Israel.

“Although most of the Egyptian protesters are presumably practicing Muslims, they show no desire to establish an Islamic state, which was an explicit demand of much of the Iranian revolution’s leading activists from the beginning of the struggle,” wrote Stephen.

“With so many desperate economic and other domestic problems to deal with in a post-Mubarak era, the last thing Egyptians would support is a war with a powerful neighbor they would surely lose. Military aid and cooperation with the United States, as well as the badly needed economic assistance, would end if Egypt threatened war or supported terrorism,” Stephen added.

Professor Stephen Zunes proves that it’s Islamists and not the Muslims which threaten the existence of the Zionist experiment in the Middle East.

Secular democracy in ME is good for Israel | Rehmat calling