The Israel-Firster Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has blasted CBS’s No.1-rated sitcom smash Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estevez) for calling the sitcom’s producer Chuck Lorre by his Jewish name, Charles Michael Levine.

“By invoking television producer Chuck Lorre’s Jewish name in the context of an angry tirade against him, Charlie Sheen left the impression that another reason for his dislike of Mr. Lorre is his Jewishness. This fact has no relevance to Mr. Sheen’s complaint or disagreement, and his words are at best bizarre, and at worst, borderline anti-Semitism.”

Sheen denies any anti-Semitism by saying: “So you’re telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez – I can claim they are anti-Latino?” Obviously, ADL did not buy Sheen’s logic as it put both ‘the chosen ones’ and Goyim Latinos at the same social level.

It’s good to say Jews are smart. That will get you major media coverage. But implying something negative about Jews or Israel in general is definitely going to bring out the heavy artillery at the ADL.

On February 28, 2011 – Charlie Sheen apologized to Chuck Lorre on NBC’s Today show but said he still plans to sue CBS and Warner Bros for US$300 million pulling the plug on the remaining season of Two and a Half Men.

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