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Thread: General Anan: ‘Lobby’s new man in Cairo’

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    General Anan: ‘Lobby’s new man in Cairo’

    Jewish Lobby’s insider – The New York Times has spilled the beans on March 10, 2011: “Today General Enan, a favorite of the American military sits to the right of its leader, the 75-year-old defense minister, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, and is considered his potential successor. In the meantime, American officials say, General Enan, 63, has become a crucial link for the United States as it navigates the rocky course ahead with Cairo“.

    Israel-Firster US Admiral Mike Mullen went to meet Gen. Anan 63 in Cairo on February 14, 2010. Gen. Anan was meeting with his freinds at the Pentagon late January 2011 when he had to rush back to control the mass protests against his boss Hosni Mubarak. Some western analyst believe the US may push Gen. Anan to run for the Presidency.

    Pentagon officials remain in daily contact with the new military rulers, who are described as overwhelmed and alarmed that no potential candidate for president election expected to be held in August 2011.

    The five members of the military junta ruling Egypt currently, are Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister; Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Enan, the military chief of staff; Vice Adm. Mohab Mamish, commander of the Navy; Air Marshal Rada Mahmoud Hafez Mohamed, commander of the Air Force; and Lt. Gen. Abd El Aziz Seif-Eideen, commander of the Air Defense.

    Tantawi, known as ‘Mubarak’s poodle’, was trained by Soviets - while the rest of the four are the ‘Pentagon boys’. Both Tantawi and Anan had fought in 1967 and 1973 wars with the Jewish army.

    Last month, Ehud Ya’ari, an Arab affairs expert with Israel’s Channel 2, had said in Jewish Federations of North America conference that the “one guy we know (Tantawi), and are pretty sure he is not in charge – and the other guy (Anan) we don’t ‘know so well’, and it looks like he might be in charge. The other three guys – who knows?”

    “We know a lot more about Tantawi than Enan in terms of roles they played in the former regime and this regime,” said J. Scott Carpenter, the deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs from 2004 to 2007 and now a senior fellow at the Jewish think tank Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), founded by Dennis Ross (born to a Jewish mother and Catholic step-father). Dennis Ross is also a co-founder of Israel Lobby (AIPAC) along with Jewish diplomat Martin Indyk. Currently, Dennis Ross is an adviser to Hillary Clinton on Islamic Republic and Persian Gulf states.

    Joel Rubin, an analyst with the Jewish think tank, ‘National Security Network’, who during the last Bush administration headed the State Department’s Egypt desk. Rubin also writes for ‘The Jewish Chronicle’ on regular basis – says: “He (Gen. Anan) understands our culture, he’s someone who’s seen as responsible and responsive”.

    It seems, Obama administration under Jewish Lobby boots – would try its best to subvert the ‘hoped’ democracy in Egyp. Robert Grenier, former CIA’s Chief in Islamabad (1999-2002), in his Opinion piece, published in Al-Jazeera on March 9, 2011 wrote: “It is important to remember that Israel has never wished to see democracy among the Arabs, whether in Palestine or anywhere else. Given the opportunity to exert pressure in favour of Palestinian democracy after the Oslo Accords, for example, the Israelis did much the opposite: Far better to deal with leaders relatively immune from popular pressures, with whom cynical deals could be cut, rather than with genuine politicians who are constrained to be responsive to their constituencies”.

    General Anan: ‘Lobby’s new man in Cairo’ | Rehmat's World

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    Re: General Anan: ‘Lobby’s new man in Cairo’

    We will win again, it is all about money..

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