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Thread: Of Course it’s a Damn Jewish CONSPIRACY!

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    Of Course it’s a Damn Jewish CONSPIRACY!

    At this point in history we can easily see that the Jewish ambition for One World government (NWO) is approaching the next stage. Everyone senses it. It’s that feeling we’re all on some kind of course and something big is just over the horizon.

    The one possible stumbling block to the “Agenda” — these people have long understood — is White solidarity, along with our American constitutional rights to Free Speech and gun ownership (huge numbers of the “unwashed masses” are armed to the teeth).

    Because of this, they have been quietly working to break down America and the White race. Once the White middle class is totally in the gutter and only concerned with getting enough to eat and begging for relief, is when they’ll spring the trap by rolling out the “solution.” This has always been the long-term agenda, geared to be as unnoticiable as possible to the general population.

    And it doesn’t take much of a ”conspiracy theorist” to connect the dots.

    The second part of the equation is little Jewry. They are not getting secret instructions from wealthy Big Jewry out to create a One World governent. They are merely acting as embedded fifth-columnists and public relation agents to protect and advance all Jewry, no matter what it entails. This is why their are so many Gatekeepers working to obsfuscate matters and confuse regular Americans.

    All that, coupled with Jewry’s inner propensity for greedy financial swindles, organized crime, milking social frictions, general degradations and sleazing-up of our culture, makes these people truly “Nation-wreckers.” Without a doubt.

    We have simply got to get the message out and awaken White Americans. The Jews are indeed not only the White race’s worst enemy, but the enemy of all people in the world, even of themselves when you think about it. They could care less seeing any Goyim dead, from warfare with each other, a bullet in back of the head by secret police, or mass starvation.

    Believe me, if I could not stand Jews just because of how they looked, or if they grated on me personally, I would never have bothered to start writing about all this. Simply put, unless we do something about it, the Jewish Conspiracy will result in the ruination of America, the death of tens of millions more of us and maybe even the end of the White race itself.

    Call it “conspiracy theory” all you damn want, but just remember this: They did it to Russia and tried to do it to Germany. Now these SOBs are going for the whole shooting match! – Phillip Marlowe

    Of Course it

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    Re: Of Course it’s a Damn Jewish CONSPIRACY!

    Thank you so much for looking out for us white boys here in America..
    Your white redneck Brother,

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