The Jewish Senator from Minnesota, Terri Bonoff (Democrat) has asked Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (a Catholic) to remove the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christianity’ from the opening session prayers.

Terri Bonoff said that she feels “highly uncomfortable” when the word Jesus or Christianity is mentioned in the prayer. Several other Jewish Senators, all Democrats, are backing Bonoff’s request.

What really pissed-off Terri Bonoff was when on Monday, Rev. Dennis Campbell of Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud, who mentioned Jesus Christ by name three times and made other overt references to Christianity. Campbell later defended the content of his prayer, like Pope Benedict XVI, while confirming his love for the Jews. “There’s nobody that loves the Jews any more than the Christians, so that was not meant as an insult or disrespect,” Campbell said. “Rather, it was a show of respect to Jesus Christ – just like our founders showed respect to Jesus Christ and the word of God when they built our Constitution”.

It’s not the first time Jewish legislators have taken issue with how prayers should be conducted in state Capitol sessions. A decade ago, a handful of state representatives unsuccessfully fought for House guidelines similar to what Bonoff is proposing for the Senate.

Anyone who has studied Jewish Talmud or the Jewish historian, late professor Israel Shahak’s writings would agree that Senator Terri Bonoff’s reaction to Jesus’ name is not unusal – because Jewish childern are raised in hatred towards Jesus, his mother Mother and Christianity.

The Hawaii State Senate in January ended opening prayers altogether out of concern over possible lawsuits on First Amendment grounds.

Jews make 2% of America’s total population as compared to 3% Muslim population. More than 90% of Americans call themselves Christian.

Just imagine if either of the two Muslim lawmakers had made such request.

Jesus’ name upsets Jewish Senators | Rehmat's World