Interestingly, while the Zionists mafia has succeeded in creating Islamophobia in Europe by spending millions of dollars each year – ranging from Jewish Flemming Rose’s anti-Islam Danish Cartoons to Zionist Christian Dutch MP Geert Wilder’s anti-Islam movie Fitna, and from Israel’s 9/11 to IRA terrorism supporter Zionist Christian Rep. Peter King’s anti-Muslim hearing - it has failed to curb hatred toward Israel and centuries-old hatred of Jews among the vast majority of White Europeans.

A recent syrvey conducted among eight European Union (EU) nations by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, a prestigious Berlin-based think tank, associated with German Opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), have found that 72.2% of Polish people believe that “Jews try to take advantage of having been victims during the Nazi era”. 68.1% Hungarians and 49.8% German participants agreed with Polish view.

When asked if “Israel is conducting a war of extermination against the Palestinians“, 63% Polish agreed with the statement while in Germany 47.7% expressed agreement.

The study – “Intolerance, Prejudice, Discrimination: A European Report” –questioned roughly 1,000 people in Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and France. Interestingly, all these countries are ruled by Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOGs).

The results show a little increase in European hatred toward Israel and Jews since 2009 study by the German University of Bielefeld in which 72% of the Polish expressed similar hatred toward Jews.

A very disturbed President of European Jewish Congress (EJC), Dr. Moshe Kantor, demanded that “the governments of Europe, and the European Union, have to wake up to this before it is too late”.

The study also highlighted the Europeans’ views of Islam and Muslims (maximem) – 60.8% of Hungarians believe their are “too many Muslims in Hungary” (Ottoman ruled Hungary from 1529-1683 and account for 0.5% of the current total population of 10 million); 60.3% of Polish (with 2% of Muslim population) believe that Muslims are “too demanding” while 62.2% of Polish believe that Islam is religion of intolerance.

I can understand Polish Islamophobia (bloody wars in 1672-76 between Turkey and Poland) but what turned Polish people against Jews. Here is how the Russian-Israeli writer, Israel Shamir explained it: “ But the connection between the new Crusaders of Mammon and Polish history goes even deeper: On the Eastern lands colonised by Poland of old, the economic power eventually passed over to the Jews, though the Polish magnates commanded troops, kept their luxurious palaces and enforced debt collection. Now this function has been inherited by the Judeo-American Empire, this combination of the Polish Magnate and the Jew magnified by a factor of a million. They ensnare nations into debt servitude via the IMF and the World Bank, extort money, enforce loans, spread drugs and pornography, instead of running a relatively innocent pawnshop and farming taxes. If in the Middle Ages the Polish soldiers enforced the Jewish debt collection, now they enforce the Mammonite agenda in Iraq”.

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