One wonders why Zionist Jew George Soro’s Freedom House would be so worried about the human rights of Syrian Muslims, while it never gave a hoot to the gross Israeli violations against Native Muslims and Christians for the last 60 years?

On March 21, 2011 – the Freedom House in its ’Press Release’ wrote: “Freedom House strongly condemns the escalating use of violence against protesters in Syria and calls on the government to initiate a process of serious democratic reforms in response to demonstrations by its citizens demanding their basic human rights”.

Last year, CNN’s Glenn Beck called George Soro a ‘Nazi sympathizer’ and the UN have accused Freedom House being a CIA front which supports terrorists.

On Thursday, the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, while in Israel – asked the Syrian military to depose President Bashar al-Assad and ‘enpower a revolution’. These remarks implied Obama administration’s frustration (on behalf the Zionist entity) over Bashar’s friendly relations with Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah, Turkey and Venezuela.

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has blamed Washington for stirring anti-government protests in Syria as “pretext for Libya-style airstrikes”.

Two latest incident has turned Zionist fingers very itchy concerning Syria. First in January 2011 – Damascus succeeded in a pro-Syrian secularist Sunni billionaire, Najib Miqati being nominated as the next Prime Minister of Lebanon replaceing the pro-US Sunni billionaire Sa’ad Hariri. Second, in late February 2011 – Iran showed its military might by entering Mediterranean via the Suez Canal on it way to Syrian port.

What the western media is afraid to tell the public that Bashar is not hated in the Arab world as was the case with Hosni Mubarak, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Ali Abdullah Saleh or al-Khalifa. In 2009, a poll conducted by showed that 67% of the 30,679 of the participants voted Bashar al-Assad as the ‘Personality of the Year 2009′.

Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton on Sunday said that Washington’s response to the unrest in Syria would not be like what is being done in Libya, as – “the level of violence used in Syria, much less than that seen in Libya”. In simple words: “Syria doesn’t have huge oil reserve” and in case of missile attack – Israel’s Jewish settlers in Golan Heights could become ‘collateral damage’.

Hundreds of people from different parts of Lebanon rallied in front of the Syrian Embassy in Beirut on Sunday, chanting slogans in support of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

Protests against the government of Assad, which are calling for political freedom and an end to corruption in the country, broke out ten days ago in Syria.

Amnesty International reported at least 55 have been killed in and around Daraa. Seventeen protesters were shot dead as they attempted to travel to Daraa from the village of Sanamen on Friday. On Wednesday, unknown gunmen opened fire on peaceful demonstrators, killing at least five.

President Assad’s government has announced the release of 260 detained activists. The government also announced the withdrawal of troops from Daraa. It has also promised the possible end to the emergency rule set in place since 1963.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad belongs to Alawi Shia minority (13%). Sunni Muslims make the majority (74%) while Christians (10%), Druze (3%) and small Jewish communities in Damascus, al-Qamishli and Aleppo.

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