On March 29 – WSJ published Michael Oren’s Op-Ed, entitled ‘What If Gadhafi Had Gone Nuclear’. In it, the paranoid Israeli ambassador to Washington, ranted the usual Zionist crap to make a point that the US and EU countries should start bombing Iran as they are currently doing in Libya. He shows his optimism that the UNSC and AU members would gladly agree with such attack on Iran as they did in case of Libya.

As a matter of record, even if Qaddafi had gone nuclear – it would not have posed a greater threat to the ‘poor little Israel’ which already posesses over 240 nuclear bombs – more than if Sheikh Nasrallah’s Lebanese Hizbullah got hold of just one ‘teeny-whinny’ nuclear device. Just think what Hizbullah did to the 30,000-strong Jewish Army in Summer 2006 without a tank or a F16.

“A dictator like him (Qaddafi) – capable of ordering the murders of 259 civilians aboard Pan Am Flight 103 and countless others in many countries including his own,” wrote Oren.

It’s nice for a Zionist Jew to live in self-denial, but the Lockerbie bombing was a Mossad false-flag operation which killed 270 people on December 21, 1988. USrael first blamed Syria, then Iran and finally Libya for the crime. On September 11, 2001 – Israelis carried out terror attacks on WTC and Pentagon, killing 3000 people – for which first Afghanistan and later Iraq was attacked as part of Jewish Vengeance.

“A similar fear, many intelligence experts in the U.S. and elsewhere believe, impelled the Iranian regime to suspend its own nuclear weapons program in 2003. According to these analysts, the program resumed only when the threat of military intervention receded. It continues to make steady progress today,” claimed Oren.

Fear of whom? Israel which has failed to disarm both Hamas and Hizbullah Resistance groups or the US-NATO, which have also failed in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Many American analysts, both military and political, have agreed that Iran has come out as a ‘winner’ in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Iranian regime is the pre- eminent sponsor of terror in the world, a danger to pro-Western states, and the enemy of its own people who strive for democracy. It poses all of these hazards without nuclear weapons. Imagine the catastrophes it could inflict with them,” whined Oren.

Amazingly, the dude really believe that the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Sheikh Yasin, Rafik Hariri, Imad Mugniyah, Mahmoud al Mabhouh, Yehiyeh Ayyash, Fathi Shikaki, Izz Eldine Subhi Sheik Khalil, Swedish foreign minister Anna Maria Lindh, Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, Count Bernadotte, etc. and terrorist attack in Madrid, Kenya, London, Bali, Bollywood and New York were all carried out by Iranian secret service and not Israeli Mossad.

“And if Iran acquires the bomb, other Middle Eastern states will also pursue nuclear capabilities, transforming the entire region into a tinderbox,” wrote Oren.

Is the Zionist trying to tell his readers that Israel not located in the Middle East or it doesn’t posses nuclear capability or nuclear bombs? I mean all Middle Eastern states had the knowledge of Israeli nuclear arsenal for the last 40 years and still never tried to develop their own neclear deterrent – then why would they do if Iran goes nuclear? It’s the Zionist regime which has attacked all its Middle Eastern neighbors during the last 60 year – not Iran.

A 2003 survey among the 15 EU states – 59% of the 7,500 participants had called Israel and NOT Iran – to be the greatest threat to world peace. Even last year, a German lawmaker, Holger Apfel, had called Israel a terrorist state.

“In Lebanon, Iran has installed a puppet government and gained a strategic foothold on the eastern Mediterranean—an achievement of historic gravity,” whined Oren.

Any comments on Jewish puppet governments in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Azerbiajan and Australia, Moshe!

“Iran has remained the target of international sanctions designed to dissuade it from pursuing military nuclear capabilities,” wrote Oren.

How sad for the Zionist regime! Iran has become the third largest exporter in the Middle East and its export rose 37% in 2010. Iran’s major customers were China, India, Turkey and Germany.

“America’s policy, like Israel’s, is that “all options are on the table.” We know that only a credible threat of military intervention can convince nondemocratic regimes to abandon their pursuit of nuclear weapons,” pleaded Oren.

Well, Moshe, who has stopped the Jewish army to start a war with Iran by going alone? But, being demoralized by a handful of Hizbullah fighters in 2006 – the Jewish army has no stomach to fight Iranian without the active participation of the US army.

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