Though located in the Middle East, Israeli teams play in several EU countries - as a member of the Union of European Football Associations.

During a Belgium-Israel football game on January 28, 2004, the fans of Belgian soccer player, Mustapha Toukouki, pulled out Hamas and Hezbollah flags, then chanted anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans. Under pressure from the Jewish lobby groups, Mustapha Toukouki, ws suspended from the tournament.

Uri Colonel, the Jewish Chairman of Amsterdam football club Ajax has called on supporters to stop describing themselves as Jews following the row over the behaviour of ADO Den Haag player Lex Immers.

Ajax supporters are traditionally known as Joden (Jews). The great majority of them claim to be non-Jewish but they wear the ‘Star of Zion’, sing Jewish songs, wave Israeli flags and calling themselves ‘Super Jews’. However, this never bothered the Jewish lobby groups in Holland and the rest of Europe. But chanting pro-Hamas and Hizbullah slogans – is of course anti-West and anti-Semitism.

The use of the word Joden has led to a number of racist incidents. And during a supporters party celebrating Ado’s 3-2 victory over Ajax this weekend, Immers joined in singing which referred to going on a “hunt for Joden (Jews)”.

The the pro-Israel extremist Judeo-Christian groups have always pin this so-called ‘anti-Semistim’ due to increasing Muslim population in Europe. However, European history tells us that Jewish communities were expelled from every European country (108 times) in the past when there were no Muslim lived in Europe with the exception of France, England and Balkan.

Akiva Eldar in Israeli daily Ha’aretz in 2003 had stated that the dramatic rise in the centuries-old anti-Semitism in Europe is due to the frequency of the pictures of Israeli soldiers shooting at Palestinian children. The images of settlers putting up outposts in the heart of Palestinian territory emphasizes to the non-Jews the Jewish identity of the occupiers.

“They (poll among the 15 EU countries in 2003 which resulted in 59% of Europeans’ view of Israel being the greatest threat to world peace) warned that the “pure” East European anti-Semitism, and the West European anti-Semitism rooted in the radical left, are giving way to a serious case of hatred of Israel, the U.S., and the alliance between them,” wrote Eldar.

Europe, once the heartland of Christianity – has long been transformed into heartland of Hedonism (doctrine that pleasure is the chief good). Its anti-religious culture of pornography, drugs, terrorism, gayism, feminism, bigotry, racism (proven in 2009 at Durban II Conference). Jewish Lobby groups have become so powerful that insults to Christianity, Islam and their founders is tolerated as “freedom of press”, but criticism of Jewish Holocaust is a crime in several European countries – punishable with jail and heavy fine – is fully supported by European Jewish elites. No ‘revisionist’ will ever be jailed in any of 57-Muslim nation-states nor they would tolerate Blasphemy against any of Biblical prophets.

In Holland, Muslims account for 5.5% of the country’s total population of 16.5 million. Country’s largest Muslim population is in Amsterdam (24%) followed by Rotterdam (13%).

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