You may think that I must be an ‘anti-Semite’ to believe that the Zionist regime likes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who signed a military treaty with Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad last year. Ahmadinejad is famous for saying that he intends to ‘wipe Israel of the map’ and bring another Jewish ‘holocaust’ excluding 30,000 Iranian Jews.

But if you had read Janine Zacharia’s article in the Washington Post and Edmund Sanders in the Los Angeles Times, both dated March 30, 2011 – you would change your mind.

Zacharia says: “Israel, long critical of Assad, may prefer he stay after all“. Sanders on the other hand, said: “Israel fears the alternative if Syria’s Assad fall“. And Israel’s imaginary fears happens to be the same as were in the case of Hosni Mubarak – the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Both writers agree with the Zionist leaders’ decades-old doctrine that “Israel can only make peace with dictators”, because they’re ruthless, undemocratic and don’t care for the majority’s feelings. It’s also profitable to have good relations with someone who wants to rule a country for life – instead of staying in power for four to eight years. The Zionist regime was recognized by mostly dictators and absolute kings (Ismet Inonu, Anwar Sadat, Iddi Amin, King Hussein and King Mohammed V).

Syria has been ruled by emergency law since 1963. Both Hafiz Assad and Bashar Assad, like Hosni Mubarak, have kept Syrian border with the Jewish occupied Palestine very calm even though Syrian territory of Golan Heights is occupied by the Zionist entity since 1967 war.

On Wednesday, President Bashar al-Assad in a Damascus speech had claimed that the ongoing anti-government protests were stirred by foreign agents to enforce an “Israeli agenda.” Israeli security officials, on the other hand, believe the Muslim Brotherhood is deeply tied to the riots in Syria.

According to an Israeli source (World Net Daily), Benji Netanyahu “believes Assad’s presidency is better for Israel’s interests than any regime that would replace him”. Netanyahu also believes “an Islamic entity tied to the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to power in Syria in the place of Assad”. Benji during his recent visit to Moscow, had told Russian leaders that even if Assad coordinated with Islamic Iran, the Syrian president is more desirable than dealing with Muslim Brotherhood entity.

To avoid ‘no Assad’ scenario – both Washington and Tel Aviv are talking behind closed doors to come-up with a ‘Golan Carrot’ – returning some part of Golan Heights to Syria in order to boost Bashar’s credentials. Golan Heights was annexed by the Zionist entity in 1981 against United Nations’ protest. Since 1967, Israeli government has helped 20,000 illegal Jews to settle on the stolen Arab land. There are 20,000 native Syrians remain in the golan Heights.

Israel: ‘Bashar, we like you more!’ | Rehmat's World