Egyptian military junta’s foreign minister Dr. Nabil El-Arabi said on Wednesday that his country wants to normalize its ties with the Islamic Republic. “Iran is a state in the region, and we have had long-term historical ties with it over the different periods. We will turn over a new leaf with all states, including Iran,” El-Arabi told a press conference.

Nabil El-Arabi said that his country also would like to turn over a new leaf with respect to Hezbollah in Lebanon. “Hezbollah is part of Lebanon’s composition, and we see this as an internal matter. If any party wishes to have ties with Egypt there will be nothing preventing us from talking, but we will not become involved in internal matters,” said El-Arabi.

Tehran broke off diplomatic relation with Cairo when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat recognized the Zionist entity in 1978 in return for annual US bribe of $1.5 billion.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi has welcomed remarks by his Egyptian counterpart Nabil El-Arabi on promoting Tehran-Cairo ties. “Despite the ups and downs, the historical ties between the two countries have been sustained. The Egyptian people have turned a new page in the country’s history by moving towards the realization of their justice-seeking demands,” Salehi said.

During Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006 – Cairo, Riyadh and Amman had blamed Hizbullah for starting the war by killing five Israeli soldiers and capturing two others for trespassing Lebanese territory. Like Rev. John Hagee, the western-puppet regimes in the three capitals too believed that Israeli Jews being the ‘biblical chosen people’ – has the divine rights to trespass any foreign land the like. Professor Shahid Alam (Norteastern University, Boston) wrote in April 2008 – Israel met it match in Hizbullah.

In 2007, Egyptian secret service along with their counter-parts from Saudi Arabia and Jordan played significant role in Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp to get Hizbullah involved. In April 2009, Egyptian security forces arrested Hizbullah member, Sami Shihab, along with 48 people for consipracy to destablize Egypt. Sheikh Nasrallah admitted that Sami Shihab was on “a logistical job to help Palestinians get (military) equipment“.

Both Tehran and Hizbullah had voiced their support for the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt.

Cairo extends olive branch to Tehran and Hizbullah | Rehmat's World