Israelis see Islamists behind every anti-governments protest in the Middle East. Islamists’ takeover of the pro-western monarchies and military dictatorship by the so-called ‘anti-Israel-Jew-hating’ Islamists, has become the latest ‘holocaust myth’. It’s scaring the hell out of the Islamophobes in the US and several European countries.

As if Benji Netanyahu & Co. were not paranoid enough by the thought of losing their two Muslim strategic allies (Turkey and Egypt) – TIME on April 18, 2011, threw another bombshell – pro-Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan’s main Opposition Party, “virtually took over the protest movement by rallying supporters in the capital Amman, turning out more than 1,000 marchers in the city”.

Karen Leigh did not forget to add spice to her ‘scary’ story. She mentioned that the “much feared head of Al-Qaeda,” Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was from town of Zarqa (Jordan)”. In fact, US has claimed killing of countless “much feared heads” of the phony Al-Qaeda since 2001.

However, as expected, Karen did not mention some of Israel’s dirty fingerprints in Jordan. In April 1970, Palestinians demontrated against the visit of Assistant Secretary of State Sisco to sell the ‘Rogers Peace Plan’, which offered Jordan and Egypt the possibility of the return of land occupied by Israel – in exchange for a “peace treaty” with the Zionist entity and withdrawal of any backing for the claim of the Palestinian people to their homeland. The demonstrators in Amman burned down the US Information Center and damaged the US embassy. Both Henry Kissinger and Abba Eban offered their countries help to King Hussein to take military action and finish PLO threat to Israel from Jordan once for all. Begining September 17, 1970, Jordanian tanks started shelling Palestinian refugee camps for the next eleven days – killing 5,000 and injuring 20,000 Palestinian men, women and children. The massacre is known as Black September in Palestinian history.

On September 25, 1997 – Mossad agents failed to assassinate Khaled Mashaal, a political leader of Hamas in Amman, Jordan. The two Jew assasins were released in a prisoner swap that forces Israel to release Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (assassinated on orders of Ariel Sharon on March 22, 2004), the spiritual leader of Islamic Resistance and currently the elected government of PA.

Last year, Jordanian doctor Humam al-Balawi, trained by CIA/Mossad – blew himself up at a US military base in Afghanistan, killing seven American spies.

The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan was carved out of historic Palestine by the British colonialists after WW I and was awarded to Emir Abdullah, son of Sharif Makkah (Ottoman Governor) for leading Arab revolt against Ottoman empire in alliance with British. The great majority of Jordanian citizen are native Palestinians. Like Israel, Jordanian ‘royals’ also depend on US and western support for their survival. While Israel receives $6-14 billion annually from the US, Jordanian ‘royals’ receive $350 million per year.

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Muslim Arab regimes which officially recognize the Zionist entity against the wishes of their citizens.

During the final years of his rule, late King Hussein had become more popular among Israelis than their Zionist leaders. A few days before his death, the spokesman for prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had told the press that Benji, Israeli government and all of the Israeli people are praying for King Hussein. Israeli leaders, past and present and of all parties – formed the largest foreign delegation to King Hussein’s funeral, to repay what the King had done for the Zionist entity.

Israel: ‘ Islamists to takeover Jordan, too!’ | Rehmat's World