On Monday, United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon submitted the 13th Biannual Report on Resolution 1559. The report was prepared by Ki-Moon’s special envoy Terje Rod Larsen. In the report he tells Lebanese how to run their national affairs in order to be accepted by the US-Israel-UN occupied ‘civilized world’.

Terje Rod Larsen PhD (born 1947), is a Norwegian diplomat and politician. Since 2004, Larsen has been the president of the International Peace Institute, a neocon think tank. He is one the most fanatic Zionist among the UN staff.

The report insists on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, which was adopted in 2004, that the presence of armed Resistance groups in Lebanon continues to threaten security in the country as well as the region, urging a formal border delineation with Syria. However, the report doesn’t mention the fact that it is the Zionist terrorist state which has been a threat to the security of Lebanon and its other Arab neighboring countries – by military invasions and occupation of parts of those countries.

Interestingly, the report calls Beirut for the “formal border delineation with Syria” but doesn’t mention Israel, which is only country in the world with no internationally recognized borders with all its neighboring countries.

Ki-Moon also insisted the importance of the implementation of the judgement (not known to anyone except the US and Israel) of the UN Special Tribunal on Lebanon (STL). Hizbullah and some Christian leaders have called STL an Israeli Project.

Ban issued an appeal to the Hizbullah leadership to “disarm and transform into an exclusively political party.” Ban also called on regional states to “support and assist” Hizbullah in its disarmament, “in the best interest of regional peace and stability.”

In response to Ki-Moon’s rant, Hezbollah said, “it is not new to UN Secretary General to take unjust and unfair positions in its point view of the situation in Lebanon, particularly to hold Hezbollah responsible for all the problems facing Lebanon is the nature of the task that the U.S. administration and some Western governments have entrusted and that applies with accuracy.”

Hezbollah described the UN special envoy to the Middle East, Terje Roed Larsen as “international official servant in the Zionist media system that reflects the full participation of hostility towards the Resistance, Lebanon, Arabs and all just causes in the world.”

Last year, Terje Rod Larsen, in his report to Ki-Moon had asked Lebanese government to disarm Palestinian resistance groups in the Bekaa and stop arms smuggling from Syria to these groups – based on the claim made by a reputed liar, Israeli President Shimon Peres.

So, why the western powers insist on disarming Hizbullah – because it’s the only Arab force which had defeated Jewish Army in Summer 2006.