The Washington-based Freedom House has released its Freedom in the World 2011 Survey. The study covers 194 countries and 14 territories, each of which gets a score on a scale from 1 (Free) to 7 (Not Free), based on the neocons’ criteria for ‘freedom’.

Freedom House is funded by US government, Jewish billionaire George Soro and several other Zionist organizations. The think tank is run by former CIA and US administration officials such as David J. Kramer with pro-Israel agenda. Freedom House is in reality CFR front. Freedom House reports have claimed that with its some faults, Israel is “a free electoral democracy”. Interestingly, the famed Israeli columnist, Gideon Levy has called Israel half a democracy. Norway, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Finland, and Sweden are the top ‘free countries’. Though people among some of those ‘free’ countries suffer with acute Islamophobia, but it’s okey as long as that serves Zionist agenda.

The bad guys, not surprisingly, are China, Egypt, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela.

United States which in 2010 was among the 48 countries with ‘free’ ratings in ‘political rights’ - fell behind countries such as Barbados, Portugal, and Uruguay in 2011. Some of the reasons for this fall were; failure to root-out corruption in government (not to confuse it with trillions dollars bailout to Wall Street vampires), high crimes, racism and world’s largest prison population (US #1st, Israel #27th and Iran #53rd).

How such ‘surveys’ are used by Zionist thugs to mislead public opinion – American author, newspaper reporter and weekly radio host, David Swanson, explains it in an interview with RT netwok (watch video below).

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