It’s no secret that someone to say in public that Jewish lobby groups control US foreign policy – would be enough to be accused of being ‘an anti-Semite’ and ‘a Jew hater’. But, only a Jew has the ‘divine right’ to make such allegation in public.

Dr. Gershon Baskin PhD, is an Israeli author, Award-wining journalist and former adviser to former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. Dr. Baskin is co-founder of Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information. He wrote a timely article explaining why Benji Netanyahu chose US Congress to deliver Zionists’ new ‘peace offer the Palestinians cannot refuse’ – because 95% of US lawmakers are more friendly to him than the members of Israeli Knesset.

“In the US Congress no one will heckle him; he might even get a standing ovation,” wrote Baskin – a warning for the patriotic Americans how the US has become a ‘Subverted Nation’.

“It’s safe to assume that whatever he says will probably be insufficient to renew negotiations with the Palestinians or to prevent the world from recognizing a Palestinian state in September. But Netanyahu knows very well that the AIPAC-supported Republican-led Congress will love his speech and they will use it against President Barack Obama,” says Baskin.

Incidently, many analysts have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama could be a ‘one-term’ President. According to Israel-Firsters, Obama has failed to prove his loyalty to Israel by not raining on Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, Pakistan and Iran. For Netanyahu, his political survival depends on the support of the settlers; his right-wing coalition government has made the strategic decision to expand the settlements. In contrast, the Obama administration is well aware that Israel’s intransigence has exceeded all reasonable bounds and that there could be no meaningful progress toward peace without the reversal of Israeli settlement policy which is in flagrant breach of international law and UN Security Council resolutions.

“Israeli policymakers insist that we need to seek a Palestinian state with provisional borders, that the Palestinian leadership is not a partner for peace, that Israel cannot and will not withdraw from the Jordan valley, and a slew of more “no’s.” Israel even refuses to grant the Palestinians control over the small access road that would make the building of the new Palestinian city Rawabi feasible, despite the pressure from the US and the EU. Israel today fully controls more than 60% of the West Bank and refuses to give up even one centimeter of that land to the Palestinians. Even if Netanyahu announces a willingness to transfer some small parts of Area C to the Palestinians, it makes no difference. In reality, as long as Israel controls all external borders, Palestinians have no real freedom,” wrote Baskin.

Baskin points out that a US-Quartet imposed ‘two-state’ solution will not be acceptable to either Israel or Palestinian. He suggests that US-Quartet rather put some “ parameters” on the proposed “two-state solution” which would make the proposal more acceptable to Israelis. However, Baskin’s ”parameters” are no different than what the Zionist-regime has always asked for:

1. Each State will be a nation-state of its people (a Jewish Israel and an Arab Palestine) with equal rights for its minorities – Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians in Israel and foreign illegal Jewish settlers in Palestine.

2. The non-militarized nature of the Palestinian state and the ways and means to guarantee that it will remain so. The parameters must be more specific about what the international community is willing to do to guarantee that Israel’s threat perceptions regarding the Palestinian state will not become a security threat reality.

How pathetic? A country with 240 nukes and an annual military budget of more than US$17 billion (more than Iran, Turkey or Egypt) – needs military protection from the US and NATO.

Palestine: ‘Bibi’s phony peace offer’ | Rehmat's World