In a recent interview with Israeli English daily Ha’aretz (reported on May 5, 2011), Israeli Defense Minister and former Israeli Chief of General Staff and Prime Minister, Gen. Ehud Barak, finally admitted the truth which most of the non-Zionists already knew. When asked if Tehran has nuclear bomb, would it drop it on Israel? Barak replied: “Not on us and not on any other neighbor.”

Barak said that the Zionist regime “should not spread public panic about the Iranian nuclear program “.

“I don’t think in terms of panic,” Barak said. “What about Pakistan, some political meltdown happens there and four bombs wind up in Iran. So what? So you head for the airport? You close down the country? Just because they got a shortcut? No. We are still the most powerful in the Middle East.”

Well, one can excuse a professional Zionist liar like Ehud Barak, who along with more than a dozen Israeli commandos (‘Operation Spring of Youth’), lead the assassination squad dressed as a woman, against PLO leadership in Lebanon in 1973. We all know how the 30,000 soldiers of “the most powerful in the Middle East” were humiliated by over 1,000 Hizbullah freedom-fighters in 34-day war in 2006.

The reasons why Ehud Barak doesn’t believe in an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel or Iran’s other neighboring countries, are – Iran has a history of over 100 years of not attacking its neighbors, plus, Tehran will never drop a nuclear bomb on the Zionist entity because that would also kill most of entity’s native Muslim and Christian population. Contrary to that, Israel’s noted historian, Martin Van Creveld, in 2010, had threatend that “Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target”.

Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful use and within the criteria set by the NPT. There are over 45 other world nations which, as signatory to NPT, are running their nuclear programs for power generation or for medical research and cancer isotope production.

The United States National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which represents the views of all 16 US intelligence agencies, had claimed in its report in 2007 that Tehran stopped its military nuclear program in 2003. However, the top Israeli officials have kept their anti-Muslim rant, calling for the US to start military operations against the Islamic republic. The NIE report had come as a bigger shock to the government in Israel than to the neoconservatives in United States.

Barak: ‘Iran will never nuke Israel’ | Rehmat's World