by Kevin Barrett PhD

"Full fathom five Bin Laden lies"
(According to our leaders' lies?)
They shot him - unarmed - in the head,
Hoping to silence what he'd said
So clearly: He deplored
The Zionist strikes on New York
And Washington. And so his dead
Body to the fishes fed,
Osama's spirit breathes, expands
And sparks jihad in every land
Still occupied by the kuffar -
Striking enemies near and far:
Bush is shot down, Cheney gutted
Silverstein with stab wounds bloodied,
Rockefellers drawn and quartered,
Rothschilds crushed by gold they hoarded,
Netanyahu's wicked head
Squashed flat beneath bulldozer treads
While Dov Zakheim is slowly flayed
Wolfowitz made to taste the blade
And Rumsfeld parses known unknowns
As bullets pulverize his bones,
Millions of angry mobs arise,
Chanting: Death to all who spread the lies:
That was Perle shot through both eyes.
And history suffers a sea-change
Into something rich & strange.