Barack Obama did it again. Jewish Lobby asked Obama to release Jewish master-spy Jonathan Pollard if he wish to get re-elected in 2012 – but instead he staged a White House PSYOP on Osama Bin Laden.

I am referring to Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, who recently told Obama to release American Jewish traitor, Jonathan Pollard, currently serving life sentence for stealing over a million secret documents for Israel. Israeli daily Jerusalem Post had reported:

Chief Ashkenazi rabbi says he’s not making prophecy, just reflecting the feelings of US Jews who supported US president’s election.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger wants US President Barack Obama to know that unless he acts to release Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, he will not be elected for a second time in November 2012.

“If Obama wants another term as president, he must immediately release Pollard,” the rabbi said on Saturday.

Jeff Gates wrote in December 2010: “Pollard has long been a rallying point for Jewish nationalists, Zionist extremists and ultra-orthodox idealogues. Only time will tell why he is back in the news. And whether this news is for moving the US in the right (Zionists’) direction”.

Benji Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Rabbi David Sapperstein, director Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, Jewish Rep. Jane Harman (linked to Israel spy inquiry), Michael Mukasey, former US Jewish Attorney General, Dan Quayle, former CIA director James Woolsey, former White House legal counsel Bernard Nussbaum, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, former Secretary of State George Schultz, Dennis Deconcini, former deputy defense secretary Lawrence Korb, Major Donald Levy, former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, Professor Charles Ogletree, Dennis Ross, Rudolph Giuliani, Sen. Charles Schumer, Benjamin Hooks, Henry Kissinger, Obama’s cousin Rabbi Capers Funnye and many more has asked Barack Obama to free Jonathan Pollard.

During Pollard’s trail, Wolf Blitzer (CNN) wrote an article in The Washington Post (February 15, 1987) entitled “Pollard: Not A Bumbler, but Israel’s Master Spy” wrote that the information Pollard provided to Israel included reconnaissance satellite photography of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Tunisia, specific capabilities of Libya’s air defenses, and “the pick of US intelligence about Arab and Islamic conventional and unconventional military activity, from Morocco to Pakistan and every country in between. This included both ‘friendly’ and ‘unfriendly’ Arab countries.

Now compare the American cry of ‘Poor Pollard’ with Israel’s own traitor ‘Poor Vanunu’. In September 1986, Shimon Peres, then Israel’s deputy minister of defense, ordered Mossad to kidnap Morderchai Vanunu from Italy, which included a clubbing with Jewish Mossad ‘sex pot (Cindy), drugging, arresting and being flung upon an Israeli cargo boat back to the Zionist entity for an Eichmann-style trail. Vanunu was initially sentenced to 18-year in jail, followed by six year under surveillance and another 78 days in solitary confinement, starting May 23, 2010. The Jerusalem Post reported on May 5, 2011 that Vanunu in a letter to Israel’s interior minister Eli Yishai, wrote: “I have no interest in Israeli citizenship. I don’t want to go on living here”.

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