In 2005, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Crypto-Jew (born to a Jewish mother) French interior minister blamed Muslims for the riots in the suburbs of Grenoble near Paris. The ever ambitious Sarkozy used the occasion to elevate his national standing among France’s far right. Sarkozy, a typical Zionist Islamophobe politician – is well-known for playing the race card, fear mongering and dirty politics.

A few years later, as unpopular French President, Sarkozy, tried to cash on the country’s economic hardships and extremist national voters by making Gypsies (Sinti and Roma) and immigrants as targets of his new inborn racism. However, thousands of French and people in other European countries, protested against Sarkozy’s racist actions.

Muslim world is quite familiar with Sarkozy’s hatred toward Muslim women wearing Hijab and his personal crusade against letting Muslim-majority Turkey join the European Union.

On the heel of all this comes Sarkozy’s latest support for French Sport Minister Chantal Jouanno and national football coach Laurent Blanc who was allegedly planning to curb training academy access for young French players of African and Arab backgrounds.

On May 10, 2011 – Chantal Jouanno (rumoured to be Sarkozy’s mistress, Huffpost, December 3, 2010) cleared Blanc of racism by saying that no anti-discrimination laws were broken when Blanc and soccer federation colleagues discussed curbing quotas on November 8, 2010.

“The subject was raised in a manner both clumsy and clearly uncalled-for, clearly uncalled-for,” Jouanno added. “The general impression that emerges is really very unpleasant, with innuendoes that very often were borderline tending toward racist.”

But while possible quotas were discussed, she said the idea was subsequently dismissed and they weren’t implemented. For that reason, Jouanno said that there are no grounds to start legal proceedings.

The French anti-Muslim hatred hit a raw nerve in France in 1998, where their World Cup victory by a multicultural team led by Muslim Zinedine Zidane was hailed as “black, blanc, beur”, and was said to symbolise a new beginning for a mixed nation, but it mainly gave way to great unease and bickering over the racial profile of “Les Bleus”. Not only did the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen complained of too many black people in the team, a leading Socialist regional head, the late Georges Frêche, was expelled from his party in 2007 for making the same observation.

One of the first measures taken by Blanc – a World Cup winner from 1998 – when he became coach of the French team last summer was to stop the team policy of eating only halal meat.

Some of the famous French-born Muslim or convert football players, are Zenidine Zidane, Mohamed Lamine Sissoko Gillan, Bruno Metsu, Nicolas Anelka, Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema, Eric Abidal and Samir Nasri.

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