As result of some massonic mircles, such as the second death of Osama bin Laden, removal of Gen. David Petraus, the Zionist military poodle from Afghanistan and the death of AF-Pak Guru, the Zionist Richard Halbrooke’s untimely death - Obama administration has accelerated direct talks with Taliban leaders.

While bullying Pakistan for not ‘delivering enough (recognition of Israel, abandoning nuclear program and helping Zionist war on Iran, in that order)’ on America’s war on terrorism – Jewish Lobby’s reliable sources (The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Financial Times, etc.) have reported Washington has been conducting secret dialogouge with Taliban leaders through Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey.

According to these sources, Obama administration has even dropped the demand for removing Mullah Umar from leadership, distant itself from Al-Qaeda and accept US-written Afghan constitution before holding face-to-face talks. The reason for this change of mind is due to fact that most of the original 49 collaborating regimes, too, have come to the conclusion that it’s a lost war and they have informed Washington that would be pulling their forces from Afghanistan. On the other hand, Americans are getting fed-up with this US$2 billion a week military adventure for Zionists’ greed for oil and drugs.

It’s rumored that Barack Obama may bring-out the US-Taliban rabbit from his hat during his speech in July 2011, marking the first token withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Any future US-Taliban agreement will require Taliban to agree on Washington’s three wishes; 1) US will maintain some of its military bases in Afghanistan to be used against China, Russia and Iran, 2) Taliban to allow the construction of oil pipeline from Caspean Sea to Pakistan’s port of Gwader, which they did not have objection even before 9/11 and 3) Taliban to maintain the supply of poppy which is not only used in heroin but also pastries (Hamantaschen) served on Jewish religious holiday of Purim. Under current US occupation, Afghanistan is source of over 90% of world’s poppy supply.

During these secret talks, Taliban has made it clear that it prefer direct negotiations with Obama administration officials and has proposed establishing a political office, either in Qatar or Turkey.

Before, US invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 – US with the help of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan maintained a Shia-Sunni divide between Taliban and Tehran. However, since 2001, Pakistan has provided American and Nato forces a corridor to attack Taliban regime – Mullah Umar is reportedly changed his views about Shia-majority Iran. Moreover, former Afghan President Rabbani and Prime Minister Gulbedin Hikmatyar lived in exile in Tehran for over five years , and are currently allied with Mullah Umar.

Obama holds secret talks with Taliban | Rehmat's World