Results of a German survey released in January 2011, shows that 89.5% of participants don’t buy Washington’s official story of the events on September 11, 2001. 73.7% of German surveyed also said that US government was involved in the cover-up of assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In May of 2006, American Zogby poll indicated that approximately half of all Americans did not believe the official version. Moreover, 80 percent of 1.7 billion world Muslim population don’t believe the official version either.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a Vietnam War veteran and an American of Jewish ancestry, in an interview in March 2010 – had claimed Israel Did It.

American academic, Kevin Barrett PhD, author, radio talk-show host and co-founder of Muslims for 9/11 Truth along with some other members of his organization has just completed a 10-day tour of Turkey. This month, he is also schedule to visit Germany in a bid to build international support for the 9/11 truth movement.

Kevin Barrett has credited AKP government for breaking Zionist strangulation of Turkey while US administration is still licking Zionist Lobby’s shoes.

Here are some other quotes from Kevin’s Diary:

1. Virtually nobody believes the official 9/11 story in Turkey – while only 16 percent American believe it.

2. When a group of Mossad-backed Turkish military officers, political figures and journalists conspired to launch “terrorist attacks” (Ergenekon) in Turkey in order to seize extra-Constitutional power, the plot was broken up, and the perps arrested, by Turkish police. A follow-up plot called “Sledgehammer,” involving Turkish military forces blowing up some of the country’s biggest mosques and blaming it on radicals, then staging a fake “Greek attack” on Turkey, was also broken up by police. Today, fifteen top Turkish generals as well as dozens of politicians and journalists are in jail, many facing life imprisonment, for plotting “the Turkish 9/11.”

However, when a group of Mossad-backed American military and intelligence officers, political figures and journalists conspired to blow up the World Trade Center and bomb the Pentagon in order to seize extra-Constitutional powers, the plot succeeded.

3. Turks say “9/11 was an inside job” and American are lionized and feted. While American say “9/11 was an inside job” and as often as not it’s like you just farted in the drawing room.

4. While the former fascist Turkish dictatorship is now an emerging democratic republic - the former democratic US republic is now an emerging fascist dictatorship.

5. After a decades-long war on Islam – one of the worst cultural genocides in history – Turkey has largely gotten over its Islamophobia; and Islam and Islamic activism is on the rise, thanks largely to a courageous and uncompromising Muslim leadership. Contrary to that, after a decade-long war on Islam, the US is still mired in Islamophobia; and the US Muslim leadership’s corrupt and cowardly kowtowing to the Zionist rulers of America has only worsened the situation.

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