Yesterday, Zionist media fired its latest smoking gun “UN Report: Iran caught smuggling to terrorists”. Agend, to provide more ammunition to UNSC to expand its current four sanctions against Islamic Republic. The “Report” cites that Tehran, in recent years, has tried to supply arms to Islamic Resistance groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and Taliban. However, the ‘Report’ conveniently ignored to mention that Washington has been providing $3 billion worth of most deadly arms on annual basis, for decades – to an entity created and maintained on terrorism against its Arab neighbors and around the world.

Tel Aviv is known to have supplied arms and military training to rebels, terrorists and dictators in the US (USS Liberty, JFK assassination, 9/11, etc.), Sudan, Syria, Kurds (in Turkey, Iraq and Iran), Britain (7/7), Burma, Argentina, Philippine, Kosova, Nigeria, India, Georgia, Uganda, South African apartheid regime, Egypt (church bombing), Indonesia (Bali bombing), Libya, Dubai, Lebanon (Beirut US barack bombing and Rafik Hariri’s assassination), Islamic Republic, Spain (Madrid train bombing), Pakistan, Yemen (USS Cole bombing), Malaysia, and Kenya.

Israel’s record as one of world’s greatest terrorist entity is hardly reported in the Zionist-controlled western mass-media. For example, the 2002 bombing of Israeli owned Hotel Paradise in Mombassa, Kenya was a Mossad operation according to Israeli Hebrew daily Maariv (translated by Gilad Atzmon).

Israel has existed on myths and propaganda lies. John Gee, a Singapore-based writer, described recently how an Israel-run school in Singapore teaches its students on counter-terrorism combined with a an all-expenses-paid trip to Tel Aviv.

“They will also have only a partial idea of what “counter-terrorism” Israel-style means. They’ll learn about security at shopping malls, protection on city streets and being on guard against suspicious characters, but not what Israel does under the guise of countering terrorism: perpetuating an occupational regime over another people who wish to live in freedom in their own land, and doing so using violence and collective punishment,” he wrote.

Under international law, Israel is a Terrorist State and that’s how it must be declared by the UN Security Council. Whatever plan Israel chooses would be a criminal act. But criminal acts are nothing new to Israel, its government, or many of its citizens. Americans must stop their government being dictated by Israel Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, JINSA, etc.). It is a violation of US Constitution to provide material support for criminal and corrupt governments. Israel is in violation of near seventy UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions in regards to the Middle East conflict.

Israel caught in terrorism in 25 nations | Rehmat's World