After humiliating Barack Obama during his visit to Washington last month – Benji Netanyahu has decided to sell American military technology to China.

Last week, Israeli defense minister/deputy prime minister, Ehud Barack visited Beijing to put a wedge between Iran-China relation. In his talk with his Chinese counterpart, Barak tried to scare Chinese leader of Iran’s nuclear threat. He also discussed the expected PA’s resolution for an independent Palestinian state based on 1967 borders at United Nations General Assembly in September 2011.

Barak offered to sell China American military technology as a ‘sweetner’. China has shown its willingness to accept Barak’s offer as long as there are no strings attached to China-Iran relations. In the past, the Zionist regime was forced by Washington to cancel its sale of US-made advanced Phalcon spy planes to China in 2000 and of spare parts for US-Israeli-built Harpy drones in 2005. However, China has remained one of Israel’s main trading partner with an average $7 billion annual trade.

Jewish drug dealers such as Persian David Sassoon (died 1864) build the Zionist-Chinese connection. Japanese created Jewish settlements in their Chinese colonies, during the period of 1934-45. The settlements in Harbin (Manchuria) were envisaged as an ‘Israel in Asia’ . The Harbin-Israel connection can also be found in the family of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert’s parents and grandparents reached Harbin from Samara, European Russia, at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. In the summer of 2004, when he was Israel’s vice premier and trade minister, Ehud Olmert “returned” to China with a delegation of Israeli businessmen. He and his brother, an agricultural attaché at the Israeli embassy in Beijing, were much photographed reciting the Jewish prayer for the dead at their grandfather’s tomb.

The Israelis and their western Zionist poodles are desperate to persuade China that Islamic Republic is becoming an increasing danger to the Middle East and further afield – well, mostly Israel. However, China has huge interests in Iranian oil and gas resources. In 2010, China reportedly invested $40 billion in Iran.

Both China and Russia need friendly relations with Tehran to keep it isolated from Muslim-majority states under their occupation. The last thing the rulers in Beijing and Moscow want – is Tehran supporting Muslim resistance groups in East Turkistan and Chechnya fighting against Chinese and Russian occupation.

Israel woos China on Iran | Rehmat's World