On March 2, 2007 – retired US General Wesley Clark had told Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) that a 2003 Pentagon memo revealed that Washington had drawn-up a plan to invade seven Muslim countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran. (Watch a video below).

Several American Jewish groups have been demonizing Muslim-majority government in Khartoum for decades to serve Israeli interests in Africa. They used the Zionist-controlled mainstream media to spread their propaganda lies about human rights abuses in Sudan just like they did in case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and Nigeria. On the other hand, Israel armed and trained rebels fighting against Khortoum. Jewish Lobby also used International Criminal Court to convict Sudanese President for war crimes while ICC had refused to prosecute Israeli mass-murders.

ICC to In January 2011 referendum bore Jewish efforts to dismember the largest Musim country in Africa, when the non-Muslim majority South voted to separate from the Muslim-majority North. Israel-Firster Barack Obama was the first world leader to congratulate Southern Sudanese for chosing separation from Khartoum.

Fahmi Howeidi asked in Khaleej Times: “Israelis can tell the whole story of Sudan’s division – they wrote the script and trained the actorrs“.

In April 2006, it was Israeli daily Jerusalem Post which boasted that the ‘Save Darfur’ project was a brainchild of 15 Jewish groups who were able to siphoned $50 million to fund illegal Jewish settlements in Israel.

Early this month, fighting resumed between the North (SPLA) and South (SAF) forces for the control of oil rich Southern Sudanese region. “Abyei is northern Sudanese land,” President Omar Hassan al-Bashir claimed recently. As a con-man, Obama has asked parties to observe a ceasefire so the CIA and Mossad can run some covert operation to arm and train SPLA during that period of time. In the meantime Israelis may run a false-flag arms smuggling operation accusing Tehran for arming the Islamists in Khartoum.

SPLA is supported by US-Israel. Vice-President Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon has visited Washington recently to ask for more robust support for the SPLM. Having engineered a humanitarian crisis on the border, Washington may well feel that it can now offer more covert military support for the SLPM. It seem Obama is set to misuse the so-called ‘humantarian crisis’ hoax to invade Sudan as he did in Libya early this year.

Israel’s main interest for the breakup of Sudan, is the Nile water which Sudan shares with Egypt, Ethiopia and three other Nile Basin countries. Khartoum government is the only member of Nile Basin which is not on friendly terms with the Zionist entity. Amany al-Taweel, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, had claimed that the arms and funds given to SPLA by US-Israel would make independent South a pro-US and a supporter for Israel’s right to share the Nile water.

“Southerners don’t have reasons to be hostile toward Israel,” al-Taweel said. “The Arab-Israeli conflict doesn’t directly concern them.”

Chinese companies are heavily involved in development of Sudan’s oil sector. They have invested tens of billions of dollars in Sudan’s oil/gas sector. Sudan also has strategic significance for China. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is due to visit China on June 27-30 at the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Both leaders are expected to discuss how to resolve Sudanese crisis and counter American military threat.

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