On Wednesday, Barack Obama announced that he has decided to pull-out 10,000 US forces from Afghanistan by September. However, the details of the pull-out will be decided by the ‘Zionism’s military poodle’, Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the US occupation forces in Afghanistan and Obama’s future CIA director.

Since early 2010, Obama administration have been in contact with the ‘moderate’ Taliban leaders to negotiate an exit strategy while keeping some of its interest in place for which Afghanistan was occupied in the first place, i.e. gas pipeline from Caspian Sea and uninterrupted supply of herion – Israel being the main beneficiary in the both cases. The US-Taliban contacts were kept secret until US Seretary od State, Rober Gates, admitted in June 2011 (CNN).

Obama’s promise to pull 10% of occupation forces from Afghanistan should be seen in the context of US-Taliban negotiations. Obama is trying to kill two birds with one stone. While he is meeting a portion of Taliban demands, he is also fooling the duped voters at home that he is fulfilling his 2008 election promise to bring soldiers back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some American officials admit that Hillary Clinton lied when she said “Washington doesn’t want any permanent military bases in Afghanistan”. In fact, Washington intends to maintain its military presence in Afghanistan to create troubles for Iran, Pakistan and China.

“There are US troops in various countries for some considerable lengths of time which are not there permanently,” a US official told the Guardian.

Stephen Biddle, the defense expert at powerfull Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) suggested on June 24, 2011 that the reduction in US occupation forces will send a wrong signal to Afghans and Pakistanis. He blamed Pakistanis for the failure of Zionists’ Afghan project. “The biggest problem we face in Afghanistan is hedging behaviors by Afghans and Pakistanis that make governance reform in Afghanistan very hard and that make progress against Taliban base camps in Pakistan very hard”.

A recent Pew poll shows that only 12% of Pakistanis trust Obama and 56% of Americans are tired of Afghan-Iraq war which has already cost over $2.5 trillion.

Like 9/11, it is very difficult to predict neocons’ agenda in the region. However, three Presidents, Ahmadinejad, Karzai and Zardari must have discussed these new events during thier recent meeting at Tehran’s conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism. However, Tehran must be very careful dealing with people like Karzai, Zardari or even Bashar Assad as their past shows they’re slaves of power and have no moral values. They will not mind stabbing Islamic Revolution if the West offers a good bribe.

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