Last night Ziocon CNN blasted eight-term Congressman Dennis Kucinich for praising Syrian President Bashar Assad whom he met in Dmascus on June 28, 2011. The CNN ‘expert’ wondered who paid for Dennis’ visit to Damascus? Certainly, it could not be paid by one of 50 Jewish lobby groups campaigning for Israeli interests in the US. The Congressman along with his wife and a small delegate went to Syria on behalf of his Ohio Arab-American constituents to find the facts on ground in the Middle East.

Rep. Kucinich had blasted western media for exaggerating events in Syria. Last month, in an interview with The Plain Dealer, Dennis refused to blame Bashar Assad for the current troubles in Syria. He said protesters in Syria are making legitimate demands for reform, but some there are trying to “capitalize on those legitimate demands for reform and use it push a violent agenda.”

“We also understand that there’s very serious questions raised about the conduct of the Syrian police, but we also know the Syrian police were fired upon and that many police were murdered,” Kucinich said.

Zionist-controlled media is famous for false propaganda. For example, France 24 Channel recently aired a message from some woman claiming to be Syrian ambassador in Paris Lamia Chakkour and saying she has resigned in protest to Bashar’s actions against protesters. Later, Al-Arabiya aired audio from a different woman saying that she was Chakkour and the previous announcement was a hoax, and that she had not in fact resigned. But in the meantime, the thousands of Israeli hasbara gangsters had spread resignation hoax around the world. Let us not forget the Zionist crook, Tom MacMaster, faking Syrian lesbian Amina Abdallah Arraf of A Gay Girl in Damascus fame.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, strongly opposed to US military involvement in Afghanistan and the Libyan conflict, is on a “fact-finding” visit to Syria and Lebanon. Dennis met Bashar Assad first time in 2007. Dennis is also scheduled to meet pro-Hizbullah Christian President of Lebanon, Gen. Michel Suleiman.

What irked the Jewish Lobby the most was Dennis remark: “President al-Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians”. His remark confirms that Syrians want good governance and NOT a regime change. The armed insurgency calling for a regime change is waging a proxy war for US and Israel.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich has a bad habit of criticizing ‘Israel-Firsters’. Last time Dennis impressed me with his honesty – when he called for a UN probe into Israeli genocide in Gaza in 2008 based on Justice Richard Goldstone’s report. Dennis also made a call to impeach President Dubya Bush and Vie-president Dick Cheney for invading Iraq for the benefit of Israel.

French intellectual, Theirry Meyssan in recent article entitled The plan to destablize Syria wrote:

“The military operation to destabilize Syria and the propaganda campaign that came with it have been orchestrated by a coalition of states under US coordination, in exactly the same way that NATO coordinates its member and non-member states to bombard and stigmatize Libya. As indicated above, the mercenary forces have been provided with the compliments of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who was forced to knock on several doors, including in Pakistan and Malaysia, seeking to boost his personal army deployed in Manama and Tripoli. As an example, we can cite the installation of an ad hoc telecommunications center on the premises of the Ministry of Telecommunications in Lebanon”.

Rep. Kucinich steps on Lobby