The world-famous NBA star, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has announced that he will not attended the 2011 Jerusalem Film Festival next month. He made the decision after learning about Israel’s Zionazi treatment of Palestinian during their symbolic Nakba Day protests on May 15, 2011. The Jewish snipers killed 25 civilian and injured more than 150 others in southern Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Golan Heights.

Kareem’s visit was funded and arranged by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Consulate of New York. It was a Israeli PR to lend an air of legitimacy to the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Kareem’s documentary On The Shoulders of Giants was scheduled to be screened at the JFF.

Over 50 African, Arab, Muslims, Christian and Jewish organizations have commended Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for making the moral and right decision.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was born on April 16, 1947 in a Catholic family and was named Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr. He converted to Islam in 1968 – from National of Islam to Sunni fiqah. In addition to being the greatest American basketball player, Kareem has shown his talents as a coach, writer and film-maker.

Kareem has avoided to get involved in politics or fight for his fellow Afro-Americans as did boxing champion Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. Kareem never met Malcolm X, but showed great respect for him in his book Kareem:

“Malcolm X was different. He’d made a trip to Mecca, and realized that Islam embraced people of all color. He was assassinated in 1965, and though I didn’t know much about him then, his death hit hard because I knew he was talking about black pride, about self-help and lifting ourselves up. And I liked his attitude of non-subservience“.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cancels trip to Israel | Rehmat calling