After successfully sabotaging two ships and blackmailing Athens to stop other aid flotilla sailing to the Gaza Strip – now Benji Netanyahu is faced with the problem how to get rid of the ‘flytilla’ pessengers arriving from several western countries at the Ben Gurion Airport via airlines. Benji paid a visit to the airport security officials before his trip to Romania and insisted that “every country has the right to prevent entry of disrupters and provocateurs at its borders”. I suppose his ‘every country’ do include Iran, Syria, Sudan and Lebanon for arresting and prosecuting US-Israeli hooligans.

Over 600 anti-Gaza blockade protesters from several European countries were denied to board the planes at London, Paris, Geneva and Brussels under Israeli threats that the planes carrying the protesters will be shot down.

The protesters persisted that they will not stop and that more demonstrations will take place to protest against Israel’s blockade of Gaza. They also said that they will take Israel’s threat against foreign airlines to the UN. (watch video below).

The Zionist regime has saved itself from the flytilla attack for the time being while further isolating itself from the Zionist-free nations in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.

Israel under attack from Flytilla | Rehmat's World