Recently, I came across a book by H.D. Baumann, entitled ‘Hitler’s Fate: The Final Story’ which proves that like Osama Bin Laden’s faked death two months ago – Hitler did not commit suicide.

Baumann, a survivor of World War II himself, believes that the Hitler of the ‘official story’ was not the real German Chancellor but his ‘double’. He also claims that Crypto-Jewish Joseph Stalin (all his three wives were Jewish) had told US President Harry Truman (the Zionist who was the first world leader to recognize the Zionist entity in Palestine) that Hitler had escaped. Furthermore, the Russian soldiers never found the corpses of Hitler and his longtime mistress and later wife, Eva Braun, who was 23 year younger than Hitler.

The prospect that the officially sanctioned story of Hitler’s suicide, based on the hurriedly written report of a former British MI 5 agent named Hugh Trevor-Roper, may not be true, will make some readers emotionally uneasy, to put it mildly. Yet this official version of history was never accepted by the Russians, and it does not hold up to the facts since it was primarily based on the willfully misleading statements of Nazi witnesses in order to mislead the Allies. This book exposes these and other falsehoods based on years of research by the author and supported by the latest Russian publications from their archives.

The ancestry of both Hitler and Eva is a mystery like their death by suicide. Many sources have claimed that both Hitler and Eva were Crypto Jews, who pretended to be Catholics. Nazi Army had 150,000 German (half) Jews including Adolf Eichmann who was executed by Israelis in 1961 on phony war crimes.

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