Imagine Hillary Clinton’s reaction to an International Project Management conference held in Tehran, addressed by Iran’s finance minister Dr. Shamseddin Hosseini and Tehran’s Mayor Mohammed Baqer Qalibaf – but women are not allowed to participate! I bet Dr. Susan Rice may call for UNSC meeting to discuss this violation of women’s rights in a country ruled by fanatic Muslim cleric.

Well, last week a Management Forum conference was held in Jerusalem which was addressed by Israel’s Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Bank Hapoalim CEO Zion Keinan. According to Israeli daily Ha’aretz, women were not allowed to take any part in the conference, whether from the podium, as members of the audience or in the journalists’ enclave.

Both secular and Orthodox Jewish businesswomen were barred from the conference. Orthodox Jews have demanded separate genders on public buses and on streets within their neighborhood as it’s being practiced in New Square in New York (USA).

In Israel, Jewish women are not allowed to carry Jewish Holly book Torah, or board Israel’s national airline El Al carrying Rabbis. These flights between Tel Aviv to New York are ‘women-free and movie-free’. No air stewardesses are allowed. Rabbis are served by male staff.

Last year two female academic at Bar Ilan University (Israel), Prof. Tova Cohen and Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kadari, got into hot water with the Zionist education mafia. Prof. Tova Cohen, head of gender education program, was fired for criticizing Zionist entity’s policy of discrimination against female population. Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kadari who heads the Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women’s Status within the Faculty of Law, was prevented to bring UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay, a former South African judge at International Criminal Court. She is considered an anti-Semite like Richard Falk (Professor at Princeton University), UN special rapporteur on Palestinians’ rights under Jewish occupation, into the university.

I know some gender racism do exist in US-Israeli ‘Cash Cow’, Saudi Arabia – but I have never heard of a Saudi court sentencing a dog to death by stoning as an Israeli court did a few months ago.

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