On Israel’s request – the Zionist-controlled United Nations has delayed its findings on Israeli commando attack on Gaza flotilta at international waters on May 31, 2010. The attack left nine Turkish aid workers dead and dozens of other workers injured. This is the second time the report has been delayed at Israeli request as it contains some ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks blaming Jewish soldiers for killing the unarmed civilians.

In reality, it was an Israeli vengeance for Ankara’s support for Palestinian. Norway received a similar taste of Israeli vengeance a few days ago which killed 92 Nordic people for supporting Palestinian cause.

The report was schedule to be released on July 8 but now it’s delayed to late in August. The delay is reported to allow more time to Israel to mend its problem with Turkey so the later ask the UN to dump the report in its waste basket.

Ankara has insisted that the Zionist regime must apology to Turkish nation and pay compensation to victims’ families. Benj Netanyahu has agreed to pay the compensations but argues that an apology would be an act of confession of Jewish slaughter of Goyim – sort of Europe’s ancient ‘Blood Libel’ against Jews.

Both Ben-Obama and Angela Markel have personally spoken to Erdogan to mend his ‘anti-Semitic’ demand and renew Ankara’s old brotherly relations with Israel. The Israel-Firsters in the Congress, who hold the majority, have already threatened to cut US military trade with Turkey and some of the idiots have demanded that Turkey be expelled from NATO. Turkey, which is 99.7% Muslim, is the only Muslim member of NATO.

Some Israeli sources have predicted that soon Bibi will be visiting Ankara for a photo session with Erdogan while apologizing in Turkish language – not to offend his Ziofascist allies in Tel Aviv.

Bibi: ‘Can I apology in Turkish rather in Hebrew’ | Rehmat calling