After a Turkish court charged numerous top military officers with plotting to overthrow country’s elected AKP government – Turkey’s Chief of General Staff General Isik Kosaner stepped down on Friday evening followed by the army, navy and air force commanders in protest over the detention of 250 officers on charges of conspiring against Erdogan’s government.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan immediately appointed on Friday, General Necdet Ozel as new head of land forces and acting deputy Chief of General Staff.

Generals who optioned to walk-out instead to defend allegations against their officers – has finally ended the nine decades of Kemalist military rule in Turkey. The pro-West secularist military establishment has played the role of Guardian of ‘Kemalist Doctrine’ established by the Crypto-Jew Gen. Kemal Ataturk, the founder of secularist Turkey in the 1930s.

Analysts perceive little political threat to Erdogan’s supremacy. AKP won a third consecutive term, taking 50 percent of the vote, in a parliamentary election in June 2011.

The vast majority Turkish poppulation (99.7% Muslims) have always detested the military for its brutal crackdown over Islamic rituals and customs. Many politically aware Turks know that Turkish military establishment is controlled by Crypto-Jews through Thermonuclear blackmail. Several top Turk military officers, such as, General Yasar Buyukanıt and General Ilker Basbug are said to be Crypto-Jews.

In early 2008, 89 high-ranking retired military officials, secularist elites and politician were interrogated by the Turkish security officials for their involvement in the anti-AKP plot, Ergenekon. Several Turkish newspaper pointed fingers to Israeli Mossad and Rabbi Tuncay Guney being behind the plot.