“You were brave, and you confronted Israeli aggression during the 2006 July War. You, along with the Resistance (Hizbullah), were able to be victorious,” Michel Suleiman, President of Lebanon, in his speech at the Army Day celebration, July 1, 2011.

“If Israel was not defeated in this war (July 2006), then the West would not have shown all this patience and Iran wouldn’t be able to deal with the situation so calmly, reassured that the military option would be negatively reflected on Israel and the West,” Brigadier General Amin Hoteit said in a recent interview with Al-Manar TV.

On July 26, 2011 – Lebanese celebrated 5th anniversary of their victory over the Jewish army in 34-day war in July 2006. The occasion is known as ‘Dignity and Victory’ festival. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanese Islamic Resitance, Hizbullah addressed a huge gathering at Ar-Raya Stadium in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs. Several of Israeli arms, destroyed or captured by Hizbullah fighters, were also on display at the Stadium. In his address, Sheikh Nasrallah reviewed Hizbullah’s military resistance against the Jewish occupiers of South Lebanon, Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas and US-Israel’s non-stop interference in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Syria and Iran. He told his audience that Lebanese fighters were able to inflict military defeat on 30,000-strong Jewish army due to their determination, mutual confidence, hope of victory, faith and steadfastness on all domains and dimensions.

“The Israeli enemy started the war against Lebanon with arrogance, pride and overconfidence, though it was still under the effect of the defeat of 2000 and the defeat of pulling out of Gaza Strip in face of the Palestinian Resistance and the Intifada of the Palestinian people. Still that is its nature. It has a haughty arrogant nature. However, no soon that turned under the impact of the steadfastness of Lebanon with all its components and under the impact of the steadfastness of the Resistance fighters in particular into perplexity, weakness, confusion and led to crisis of confidence among Israeli soldiers, officers, leaders, and generals and among the army leadership, the cabinet and the people who is occupying Palestine,” said Sheikh Nasrallah.

Sheikh Nasrallah also said: “We find that Israel, backed by the United States and its supporters worldwide had since the end of the war put a group of targets on top of which is restoring or at least repairing this confidence which was lost between the people, the political leadership and the army at a time it is naturally trying to restore its power and political, military and security capabilities to impose the conditions it wants in the future whether on Lebanon, on our Palestinian brethrens, on Syria or on the other Arab or Islamic region. Here I might tackle some of the factors which the Israelis focus on now to restore confidence. I will talk about two important factors with little discussion because everything is reflected on our side. This evaluation is essential for everyone who wants to make an analysis or to make an assessment on all future possibilities: the possibility of a war taking place or not. The first element is military, mobilizing, executive procedures or efforts which the Israelis are undertaking since that time: the frequent drills, retraining troops, recalling the reservists and training them anew, developing arms and equipments in a bid to find a military solution to the problem of the falling rockets, which this time will fall not on Haifa and beyond but rather far and further beyond Haifa”.

” (In their frustration) comes the attempt to accuse the honorable Resistance fighters by the STL of the assassination of former Prime Minister Martyr Rafiq Hariri and to accuse Hezbollah of an enormous lies and fabrications that you daily read in newspapers, hear in radio and TV outlets and see at websites when you wake up in the morning. All of such articles are baseless and have nothing to do with the culture, mentality or conduct of Hezbollah. The aim of all of that is striking the strong deep-rooted confidence in the Resistance, the confidence of the Resistance in itself and the confidence of the people in the Resistance. To wrap up this part of my speech today, I would like to tell the friend as well as the foe: Our trust in Allah and our confidence in His promise, His victory and our right choice and path can’t be shaken. In fact, today our Resistance is stronger than in any time in the past thanks for experience, events and victories,” said Sheikh Narallah.

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