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Thread: Bosnia: ‘The movie UN don’t want you to see’

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    Re: Bosnia: ‘The movie UN don’t want you to see’

    Quote Originally Posted by Filthpig View Post
    you are what you are which is A COMPLETE FUCKING JOKE!!!

    either debate or fuck off.
    Can you do us a favor and provide the Talmud page where your above quote is written?


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    Re: Bosnia: ‘The movie UN don’t want you to see’

    My above quote is not written anywhere. I use my own words, but since your the supposed expert on the Talmud (your fave book), I'm sure your gonna tell me where it is as you (once again) cannot supply an answer to your original and far fetched original post. Face it, you've been caught out and have no answer, or your waiting on someone writing info for you so you can copy and paste it.

    I'm sure islamists everywhere are proud to have such a buck eejit like you fighting the corner for Islam, since you can never supply an answer. That's what religion needs, yet another asshole. your no different from TV evangelists who also can never supply an answer only quotes.

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